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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Resistance

RUSH: Howard County, Maryland is a Democrat Party stronghold. Dems outnumber Republicans two-to-one. It’s an upper-middle-class county, with lots of professionals, including scientists and engineers. But a fifth of the population are immigrants.

Stop Watching the News and Focus on the Agenda, Mr. President!

RUSH: You're the guy that's gonna drain the swamp. Go in there and drain it. Tell 'em what's gonna be what-for. You don't have to tell them why you fired Comey. Nobody deserves an explanation of the timing or anything else. He can fire whoever he wants! It's the executive branch! He doesn't owe anybody an explanation, and he doesn't have to go defensive with it.

The Media Wants Their Reaction to Be Your Reaction

RUSH: You are supposed to now think that the White House is out of control. It's run by a bunch of incompetent boobs, and everything they say is a flat-out lie, and you are to have no confidence whatsoever. That's their reaction; they want it to be yours. Their reaction is portrayed as a reaction by all people in the country. This is the trick the media has perfected, to make it look like what they're reporting is not really what they think.

Former Daily Show Watcher Converts to EIB

RUSH: All of these television shows that are really nothing more than showing clips of things in the news and making jokes and laughing about them, that all started on Rush Limbaugh the TV Show, from 1992 to 1994. And everybody who does that now stole it and ripped it off from us.

Can You Believe These Flowers?

RUSH: I mean, it’s so beautiful, I stopped and noticed it. And there’s a card, they had sent it to me, and nobody told me!

PMSNBC Ban Lifted So You Can Hear the Lunacy of Maxine Waters

RUSH: Maxine Waters, who is… The elevator doesn't go to the top floor. She's an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. She's just out there. (chuckling) Folks, I'm just trying to be as polite as I can here. And yet she has become… With Millennials on the left, she is the biggest star in the Democrat Party today. It defies explanation!

How Do You Resist the Resistance?

RUSH: You want to stop this? Stop the media. How do you stop the media? Turn 'em off, don't believe 'em, don't let 'em affect what you think and do.

Are We Missing the Mother of All Scandals?

RUSH: Are we missing the mother of all scandals here? And I don't say this haphazardly. Who weaponized the FBI against Donald Trump? Who started all of this? That, ladies and gentlemen, would be Barack Obama. Just as he has weaponized every other federal agency, the IRS to the EPA. Isn't the real scandal here that Obama sicced the FBI on his party's political opponent, the Trump campaign, the minute Trump won the GOP nomination?

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: No longer is this just gonna be a long list of stories that I might mention on the program. Now, you will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time. It's going to be more of a real-time base feature rather than just a generic list of places that I go to prep the show.

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