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RUSH: The Politico today… By the way, you need to be reading all of these and watching all these stories with more doubt and disbelief than you have ever mustered.

As you read, or any time you see “anonymous source said,” you must disbelieve it. The evidence is much greater and much of this is made up than that it is legitimate and real. You must remember that media isn’t media. You are not reading “the news.” You are being inculcated. You’re being propagandized. You are being misinformed for the purposes of advancing a narrative and agenda, which is to force Donald Trump out of office. The news about this investigation today is wonderful.

The steel business is in great shape. Other kinds of businesses are in great shape. They’re singing the praises of the Trump administration! You’re not gonna hear anything about that. It doesn’t fit the narrative. Now, The Politico. Let me finally get to this. There’s a Politico story that says Trump is puzzled that the Russia story won’t disappear. There is another story that says Trump expected that firing Comey would calm all of this down, because he was of the belief — like the Stephen Colbert TV audience — that the Drive-Bys and the Democrats hated Comey.

So Politico says Trump is shocked and dismayed twice. He’s shocked and surprised that the Russia story won’t disappear, and he’s stunned that getting rid of Comey has not placated the Democrats. This tells me that Trump does not have the proper advisers around him. He does not have people who really know the lay of the land. He does not have people who can tell him how Washington works… If these two things are true, then he doesn’t have anybody around him who understands what’s even happening to them. No question about it.

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