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RUSH: Andrew McCabe… The big news was made today just before the program started. The mainstream media has been lying for 24 hours.

Almost every article for the last 24 hours has claimed that Trump fired Comey after Comey requested more money for the FBI’s Russian investigation. Somehow, Comey sought more resources because he was running out of money, which is not the case. Virtually every story you look at… Somebody led with this. I think it was the Washington Post. Everybody’s picked it up since then. It is a claim based on anonymous sources. It is presented entirely without evidence by the media.

There is no evidence that James Comey had sought an additional dime for this investigation. In fact, the Department of Justice categorically denied yesterday that the FBI or anybody else has asked for more money to investigate the Russia hack of the election. Despite the denial, the mainstream media are reporting it in every article and on every program on cable news as “proof” that Trump fired Comey ’cause Comey was getting too close. Well, Andrew McCabe, who’s now in charge of the FBI on an interim basis, is testifying before the Senate committee today.

Just a few minutes ago, just before the program began, McCabe testified that not only is he not aware of Comey requesting any more money for the probe, McCabe said (paraphrased), “We don’t request resources for an individual case — and, if we do, we have to come to you. You are the people from whom we get the money. We wouldn’t go to the DOJ. We are the DOJ. We would have to come to you to get more money. But we never do this. We do not ask for more money for a single investigation. It’s not how we’re structured.”

The story has been preposterous from the get-go. Now, if… This story, obviously, is made up, but the media is not gonna get (unintelligible). They’re gonna continue to run it. “McCabe?” They’re going to say. “He just didn’t know! Comey could have made the request privately, secretly and McCabe could well have been kept out of the loop for whatever reason.” They are not going to accept McCabe’s denial of this as probative, because this is too big a lie. This has got too much potential! “Comey was asking for more money and that’s why Trump sent him packing. Yeah!”

Even though McCabe shot it down in every possible way. McCabe said (summarized), “The FBI doesn’t run on last-minute, pay-as-you-go funding. It’s not how we’re structured. Nothing in the government works that way.” Classic fake news, folks! Classic fake news. Yet this narrative will continue. Despite McCabe’s flat-out, categorical denial, the story is true. It will continue. It’s too juicy.


RUSH: One thing from the acting FBI director, Andrew McCabe, who is in Comey’s position on an interim basis. He will probably not be appointed. He’s a Democrat.

His wife ran for some political office. Not governor of Virginia, but the governor of Virginia was for her and help raised $700,000 for her. Andrew McCabe. Can I remind you about one other story with Andrew McCabe? You probably have forgotten this. But this goes back to late January, February. And at the time, there were all of these stories in the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN that we were from the deep state. They were leaked stories from people in the intelligence community, and they had to do with the Russian collusion in the election and Trump.

They were stories generally unfavorable to Trump in the sense the intelligence community was feeling at great risk that Trump does it not know what he was doing, and they were all lies. Every bit of it was unsourced. Nobody knew who the sources were. And Reince Priebus, the chief of staff, was in his office in the West Wing when McCabe of the FBI said to him, “By the way, I just want you to know: We know all these stories are BS.” Do you remember this, Mr. Snerdley? When that happened, Priebus asked McCabe, “Well, what can we do with this? Can you maybe announce that?” And McCabe said, “No, we can’t comment on it.”

Well, what happened next was the media heard that Priebus was asking the FBI deputy director, McCabe, to go public and denounce these stories. And that’s not what happened. Priebus did not seek McCabe out. McCabe was in Priebus’ office for some meeting. He had some reason to be at the White House, and happened to mention this to Priebus, without Priebus asking about it. Priebus then said, “What can we do with this?” The deputy director of the FBI was essentially saying that they knew that all of these leaks were bogus.

And the media ran stories about how Priebus was trying to twist the arm of the deputy director to go public and announce that all of these stories were leaked BS. And that’s not at all what happened. And that’s where the name Andrew McCabe first surfaced in mass media in relation to the Trump administration. Now he’s back. Oh, by the way, at that time is when we also learned that his wife was seeking political office as a Hillary supporter and as a big Democrat. I think that she… McCabe’s wife… Her name is Jill. She ran for a Virginia state senate seat, and there was something about McAuliffe, The Punk. The governor had somehow channeled some campaign donations to her.

The upshot of it all was that she is a huge, Hillary-supporting Democrat. He’s over there at the FBI, second in command to Comey, and partisanship being what it is… So now he has replaced Comey on an interim basis. He said two things today of note. He totally threw cold water on the idea that Comey has asked for additional money for the investigation. He was asked the question by Susan Collins of Maine — who, by the way, did a great job. Susan Collins was on all this. She was great yesterday in interviews.

She was great today in interviewing, interrogating, whatever, Andrew McCabe. And he admitted that (paraphrased), “No, I’m not aware of any additional money being sought for this investigation.” Now, the Washington Post and the New York Times, everybody Drive-By Media outlet has been running that lie for a whole day and a half now, that Comey asked for additional funding, and then Trump fired him! And McCabe said (summarized), “No, no, no, no! That’s not how we do it. We don’t ask for money case by case anyway. If we want money, we come to you, Senator.

“We have to come to Congress to get money in an appropriation. We don’t call the DOJ and say, ‘Hey, have you got an extra couple mill laying around for our investigation? It’s not how it happens.” He totally threw cold water on it. The Drive-Bys are ignoring that. McCabe also said this: “There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date.” Marco Rubio was interviewing him about the firing of Comey. McCabe said “there had been no effort to impede the investigation” and he added that nothing would stop the investigation.

Okay, there are two fundamental lies in the Drive-By Media the last couple of days that have been blown to smithereens by McCabe. The first was that Comey had asked for additional money because it was really getting hot and heavy, and the second it is that Trump was disrupting the investigation by trying to fire Comey, trying to shut the investigation down. Which is asinine! Nobody… Even Trump not being politically sensitive, this would be just stupid, thinking you could stop an investigation by firing the FBI guy, when the House has an investigation going and the Senate has one going?

This doesn’t stop any investigation. This is why you don’t need an independent counsel for this. There are already more investigations than are needed. But McCabe shot this down: “No effort to impede our investigation.” Now, the media has been reporting by innuendo an anonymous source that Trump is trying to shut this down, and McCabe blew that up.

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