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RUSH: You are seeing the Washington establishment at work. What you’re witnessing, what you’re watching is the Washington establishment circling the wagons and doing everything it can to get rid of the president of the United States. What is being used as the means and technique here is entirely baseless. There is literally nothing there to the primary allegation that is driving all of this, and that is that the Russians tampered with the election and affected the outcome. Hillary Clinton should have won, Donald Trump stole it; therefore, he’s illegitimate and must go.

There. Is. No. Such. Evidence. Of. Any. Thing. Near. Or. Close. To. That. Period. Zilch, zero, nada. This is being kept alive by virtue of press innuendo, not the Democrat Party. The media is keeping this alive and providing talking points and directions for the Democrat Party to follow. Let me draw an analogy for you. On July 5th, the director of the FBI held a nationwide press conference in violation of every ethical, procedural manual in the FBI. He held a press conference to detail alleged crimes evidence of some of those crimes committed by the Democrat nominee for president, Hillary Clinton.

After listing those crimes in a press conference that should have never happened… The director of the FBI does not do what Comey did. It is not done. There are not press conferences. There are not national announcements of an intention not to prosecute after listing the alleged crimes of an alleged perp. That whole thing should not have happened. Yet it did. Who cares why! I mean, we can answer the “why.” We know why. It shouldn’t have happened. Comey shouldn’t have been the one to do it if it was going to happen.

It should have been done by Loretta Lynch. Comey doesn’t make the decision whether or not somebody’s gonna be charged. The FBI director never does that. The FBI director, the FBI itself, assumes the role of investigating crime, accumulating the evidence, presenting it in a packet to the DOJ and they decide what to do with it. Aside from that, which did happen, we learned quite a bit. We learned of many serial violations of crime and alleged violations of crime, including violations of national security by the Democrat nominee for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

James Comey spent significant time detailing everything he had found, and after going through that list of offenses and alleged offenses, any rational person listening would have thought that the next thing out of Comey’s mouth would be to announce they were going to indict her or take it to a grand jury or they were going to charge her. But no. The director of the FBI said… After telling the nation, after listing for the nation the crimes and the alleged crimes committed by the Democrat nominee for president, the FBI director said he couldn’t find any evidence that she meant to do what she did.

There was no intent, and therefore “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her. He was not a prosecutor at the time. He was the director of the FBI. So he took the charging prerogative away from the attorney general. Now, look, I know she was never gonna be charged. I mean, it’s the Obama DOJ. But the point is Comey was behaving in ways that warrant the dismissal on July 6th. Comey could have been fired that night for what he did, and the Democrat Party was outraged that night. They were mixed and matched.

They were livid that Comey listed her allegations, livid that Comey would dare conduct even such a press conference, even though he was announcing that she would not be charged and that no reasonable prosecutor would charge her. They were happy about that, but they were angry that the whole thing has happened first place — as they should have been. But let’s draw an analogy. By virtue of that press conference on July 5th, James Comey found mountains of evidence on Hillary Clinton, mountains of it.

He detailed the evidence for the American people, and ended the investigation. He did it a second time, on October 28th, after closing the investigation on July 5th, which is why Democrats were partially happy, they were also partially mad. Because why list her crimes if they were not gonna charge. They were mad at that. That created ads for the Trump campaign if they wanted to use them. But he closed the case. So the Democrats were — majority — happy. On October 28th Comey says, “I’ve learned something here. I have to reopen the case!”

He sends a letter to Congress — this is mere days before the election — and after another two or three days announced yet again, “Sorry, nothing to see here. Nothing to be found.” Democrats are livid, literally livid, demanding that Comey’s scalp (or something else) be taken. Hillary went on to lose the election, and they blamed Comey. Except 24 hours later, they started blaming Russia. So two press conferences — well, a press conference and a very public reopening of the case in October.

Comey found mountains of evidence on Hillary Clinton and shut down the investigation. He detailed mountains of evidence against Hillary Clinton and said, “But she’s not guilty because we couldn’t find intent.” Oh, and, by the way, the statute says nothing about intent. People are convicted every day in this country for committing crimes they didn’t know they were committing. The law is the law. On the other hand, this investigation of Donald Trump by the FBI began when, folks? Do you remember when it began?

How about July? Are you aware that the FBI and the Department of Justice began to investigate the Trump campaign shortly after he received the Republican Party nomination last July? That means that Barack Obama’s hand is in this. Obama got the ball rolling on the investigation of Trump who, at the time, was the Republican presidential nominee. And from the beginning of that investigation to this very moment, there’s not a shred of evidence!

There’s not a thread, there’s not a speck, there isn’t a grain of sand, there isn’t a molecule, there is not an amoeba’s worth of evidence that sustains this investigation. Not a single shred! James Comey found and announced mountains of evidence on Hillary Clinton and stopped the investigation last July, and then last October… He has found nothing! The FBI has found nothing. There is nothing; they will find nothing, because there isn’t any evidence of their allegation that the Russians affected election.

And yet this investigation has no end in sight. This investigation has become a perpetual motion inside the Beltway. This investigation is going to go on for the next three years. This investigation will not end. This investigation might end if the Democrats take the House in 2018 or the Senate. Long shots both, but… It’s just mind-boggling, and you are witnessing the Washington establishment in full-fledged meltdown panic. They have been waiting for anything they think could end up being portrayed as Watergate II, and they have been waiting for it since Watergate.

They have been dying to repeat Watergate. They tried it against George W. Bush, and now they’re revved up and trying it again on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton? Mounds of evidence of serial violations of federal crimes and national security, and nothing happens. No evidence of Donald Trump colluding with the Russians. No evidence of Trump campaign people colluding with the Russians. There’s no evidence of anything that is being alleged! Zilch, zero, nada. And this investigation is interminable.

And now the next objective is to somehow get a special prosecutor named. And you watch. The Republicans — if they are true to type and true to form — will bend to this request in a vain, failed-again quest to make peace with the mainstream and hope the mainstream media (while destroying Trump) will leave them alone. They’re convinced the media is gonna get Trump. They’re convinced the media is not gonna stop ’til they get Trump. But they don’t want to be gotten with Trump. They don’t want to take the fall off the cliff with Trump. Trump, have you noticed, is reacting to all this all by himself?

Trump’s tweets; Trump’s reactions; Trump’s Snapchat, Facebook, whatever he does. He’s it. I take it back. There are a couple people. Kevin McCarthy and some others have come out. But basically Trump’s running all the opposition on this by himself.

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