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California Opens Can of Coffee Worms

RUSH: Did you see where a Los Angeles judge has ruled that California law requires coffee companies to carry a cancer warning label?

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: This is my real Stack of Stuff with whatever I talk about on the air — and if I don’t talk about it on the air, it’s not that important for you to know about! Plus, anything I don't have time to get to is put into The Holdover Stack for my next program.

Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Outrageous!

RUSH: Say, folks, the Russians are at it again. This time they’re not poisoning one of their own former spies or hacking the DNC mail server. This time, they are hitting Hollywood: a symbol of American culture.

Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Who Benefited?

RUSH: The NRA defends Americans’ Second Amendment rights, and now Americans are defending the NRA. It's that simple and that's the way it's supposed to be.

Hollywood Rocked by Roseanne Ratings

RUSH: What's Hollywood gonna do if it has the guts to realize that this program practically set a prime time ratings record because it was pro-Trump?

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