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RUSH: Say, folks, the Russians are at it again. This time they’re not poisoning one of their own former spies or hacking the DNC mail server. This time, they are hitting Hollywood, a symbol of American culture.

Now, it started last week. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked by a local news outlet about a Russian sex scandal: three female journalists had accused a Russian legislator of groping them without their consent. The official’s name, by the way, was Leonid Slutsky.

To answer the question, spokesman Peskov launched on the Me Too movement. He said: “It reminds me of the Hollywood stars … who have done a lot that clashes with our notions of honor and dignity.”

“They did these things anyway,” he said, “in order to become celebrities. They earned hundreds of millions of dollars, and after ten years they started saying that [Harvey] Weinstein is a bad man.”

“Maybe he’s a scumbag, but none of them went to the police and said, ‘Weinstein raped me!’ No! They wanted to earn 10 million dollars. What do we call a woman who sleeps with a man for 10 million dollars?” A golden showers prostitute. “This might sound rude,” but that’s what we call them.

Okay. How dare this Russian say such things about our hard-working, pure, and virtuous Hollywood actresses. This is outrageous. Isn’t this Russian collusion in Hollywood? And what are they going to say about that? Is anybody gonna care?

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