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RUSH: There’s some great economic news here today, ladies and gentlemen. Trump’s first year economic growth is now officially at 2.3%. In Obama’s first year, the economy shrank 2.8%. This is a 5.1% turnaround in economic growth, from minus 2.8% to plus 2.3%. This is simply phenomenal — and remember, Obama was telling us that this was probably the new norm and we needed to get used to it and that his job was to be managing the decline so that the pain was evenly distributed.

The way I look at this is, “Of course the economy grew! We replaced a globalist socialist with a patriotic capitalist. We replaced somebody who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and greatness with someone who does.” This is stunning. A 5.1% turnaround! We’d have to have a grand total of 5.1% growth overall for these numbers to be accurate. “U.S. Jobless Claims Have Now Dropped to a More Than 45-Year Low.” “Payrolls Continue to Exceed Expectations. Unemployment Rate Nears the Lowest Since Late 2000.”

“Steady Employment Will Help to Sustain Consumer Spending” and so forth. “U.S. Jobless Claims Decline to Lowest in 45 Years.” Forty-five years! And CNN has a new poll out. “President Trump’s approval rating has rebounded to its highest level since the 100-day mark of his presidency,” basically a year ago. It’s a CNN poll conducted by SSRS. The interesting thing here is that Trump’s approval number in the CNN poll is up after the CBS 60 Minutes Stormy Daniels interview and the next-night replay on CNN.

The media is confounded and befuddled.

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