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What’s Really Going on at Fox

RUSH: It's a shame, but, folks, it really does boil down to the fact that a younger generation of Murdochs is coming up. They're not conservative and their friends chide them and laugh at them, their wives work for the Clinton Global Initiative or some other thing, and it's an embarrassment.

Budget Director Mulvaney Takes Over White House Briefing

RUSH: He showed pictures here of the wall they're already building. And you can see through the wall. It's not a solid wall, the pictures he showed. And he said the reason is so that our guys can see what the bad guys are doing on the other side of the wall. But he maintained it was a win-win, that nobody got smoked in this deal and everything's good, everything's okay, calm down.

If You’re Wondering Why Hillary Lost, This Is It

RUSH: I have to tell you: Folks, all these people wondering why Hillary Clinton lost? I'm watching it. There's some forum that CNN's carrying. Fox just joined it. The women's international women, women international women-women, women international… Whatever! She's being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, and it is the most painful and hilarious thing to watch simultaneously.

An In-Depth Discussion with a Patient Trump Supporter

CALLER: I called because I have a different take on what Trump's doing. Everybody is in this push-button society that you gotta get instant results, press that button and I want to see instant results.

It’s Very Easy to Understand Why Obama Voters Voted for Trump

RUSH: Well, when Obama's no longer on the ballot, guess what happens? Issues start to matter and the actual candidates start to matter, and that's where the Hillary campaign was doomed, because the same number of people who desperately wanted to end racism didn't think electing her would solve any problems along the gender divide that we've got.

There Is Only One Option for Republicans: Defeat Democrats

RUSH: When the vice president wants to highlight the bipartisanship, why? They weren't sent there to work with Democrats. They were sent there to beat Democrats. They were sent there to drain the swamp of Democrats, to restore the rule of law, to create a booming economy. The Democrats are not in favor of any of that. There's no compromise with Democrats on that.

My North Korea Solution

RUSH: Just keep hacking their launches, and the guy is gonna shoot his scientists. He's gonna shoot his engineers after every failure.

Le Pen Gains Ground as Macron Threatens Poland for Not Taking Refugees

RUSH: I have a little map here that shows by virtue of color-coded dots how many terrorist events have occurred in European Union countries. France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria. You get to Poland, there aren’t any dots. There isn’t any terrorism in Poland! In every other one of these countries, there are lots of dots representing lots of them. So maybe this Macron guy thinks it’s not fair that Poland isn’t suffering any terror events, and so they want to make sure that some migrants end up in Poland so that there are terror events.

Vice President Calls the Show to Defend the Budget Deal

RUSH: If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican? What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95% of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?

Millennials Going Bald from Invented Stress

RUSH: You know, when my father was in college, when my father was the age — and all of his buddies, by the way. When he was the age that Millennials are today, they were about ready to be hauled out of college. They were about ready to be put in uniforms, and they were about ready to be sent to Japan and Burma, the Pacific Theater, and Europe to fight a horrible world war — after having grown up in the Great Depression. Now that, to me, is stress.

If the Budget Deal Is a Great GOP Victory, Why Are the Democrats Celebrating?

RUSH: We're really supposed to think here that Ryan and McConnell were outsmarted? That's not what happened here. And I'm not sure that this so-called fear of the government shutdown is the only thing that explains this. I think there's something much greater, much deeper behind all this… They didn't get rolled by anybody. Chuck Schumer didn't outsmart Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi sure as hell did not outsmart Paul Ryan.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: No longer is this just gonna be a long list of stories that I might mention on the program. Now, you will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time. It's going to be more of a real-time base feature rather than just a generic list of places that I go to prep the show.

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