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RUSH: A few weeks after President Trump was inaugurated liberals organized the “Day Without Immigrants” protest, and it happened recently. When 20 workers at a Michigan industrial plant went to the protest instead of to work, they were canned, they were fired.

At the time, these employees claimed to be surprised that they were fired by EZ Industrial Solutions even though they had been warned that unexcused absences would not be tolerated.

The facts here are simple. They were supposed to work. They didn’t. They were fired. That should be the end of the story.

But it’s not. The fired employees have taken their case to the National Labor Relations Board. They claim the firings were unjustified. They claim that a company supervisor threatened to report them to immigration officials, which should not be a problem if they’re here legally. Their case is being reviewed.

EZ Industrial Solutions hasn’t budged. They say the law is clear: workers have to show up to work. They’re not allowed to participate in non-work political protests during the workday. The company says they’re confident the case will be dismissed.

I don’t want to throw cold water on such high confidence, but in a sane world the case wouldn’t have even made it this far. This is now about politics not the law, and when the liberals are involved in politics anything can happen, folks, the company could be canned for all we know.

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