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RUSH: My question about North Korea… Look, somebody’s hacking the guy’s launches. This little potbellied dictator tries to continue to launch these missiles, and they blow up! Literally, folks, within seconds of launch, they are exploding. Now, what do you think happens? I mean, this little potbellied guy sits there… You’ve seen pictures of him. He’s surrounded by his sycophant, scaredy cat robots. These people… You talk about The Walking Dead? It’s the people standing behind this little guy, and he looks like he’s playing a video game!

He’s so happy. They’ve got videotape of… They blow up mountains. They blow up their own mountains. They launch this guy’s missiles in the mountains, and it explodes, and he says (impression), “Eee! Eee-hee! Lookie! Look!” and claps his hands. People behind him just have these stone-faced stares. When one of these missiles explodes, what do you think this guy does? He asks for the person responsible for the test and shoots ’em! Do you know that this guy…? I don’t know how much you stay up to speed on North Korea.

This guy assassinated some government failure, some person in the government that didn’t do their job. He assassinated ’em with a cannon! So, I mean, just keep hacking their launches, and the guy is gonna shoot his scientists. He’s gonna shoot his engineers after every failure. Where does this bunch get the money for this anyway? You know, these people can’t even leave the lights on at night except in his house? Have you ever seen a picture of North Korea at night? You can’t see it. You see South Korea there, see the DMZ, see the ChiComs over there. But you can see nothing other than this tiny blob in the middle of it, which is Pyongyang.

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