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Clyburn Compares Trump to Hitler!

RUSH: This is just an irresponsible comment from a Democrat who knows better. Clyburn knows better. But this is one of the oft-repeated allegations about Trump.

Guest Host Mark Belling

“I think we are on the verge of something very, very special.” – Mark Belling...

Rush’s Christmas Thank You

RUSH: Look, folks, every year at this time I make a point about something about the Christmas season, the holiday season that I am overwhelmed with my attitude of gratitude.

EIB Christmas Parodies Through the Years

RUSH: I just asked the broadcast engineer if we had easy access to some of our Christmas parodies that we’ve used over the past from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Parodies. 

Did Buckley Have Regrets About Vidal?

RUSH: Talked to Rich Lowry back at National Review. Buckley did regret it. It was special election coverage 1968… What Buckley regretted was the use of the word "queer."

Biden Trashes Hillary and Democrats

RUSH: Biden is on the Obama team and he's going out there and he's trashing her. That's what he's doing, and he's clearing the decks so that Obama is known and understood to be by everybody the real leader of the resistance. The dissidents.

The History of the ’80s Repeats Itself: Left Freaks Out Over Nuclear Arms Race

RUSH: I am watching the history of the eighties begin to repeat itself. For those of you that were not old enough in the eighties when Reagan was president, or for those of you not yet born, do not doubt me. What is happening here as the result of one Trump comment on the nuclear arms race involving Putin.

The GOP Battle Over Obamacare

RUSH: There’s another story out there today that doesn’t have any legs yet, but I’m telling you,...

Give Hillary a Participation Trophy!

RUSH: Would somebody give Hillary Clinton a participation trophy already? Somebody please, so they would shut up about the Russians and about blaming everybody that they lost.

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