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RUSH: I just asked the broadcast engineer if we had easy access to some of our Christmas parodies that we’ve used over the past from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Parodies.  He said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, got ’em right here.”  So I have just decided here on the fly to go back and play some of these things rather than find actual in-context uses for them since we’re into the third hour here.

And it’d be a fun trip back down memory lane, some of the ways that Christmas has been portrayed and the way we’ve had fun with it, seriously and jocularly over the recent past.  It goes all the way back to Jorgen Jorgensen, goes all the way back to me singing along with Nat King Cole and the Christmas song, all the way up to Obama Christmas parodies.

My memory is there were some of those that were right on the money, especially when I keenly observed after the 2008 election that it was impossible to compete with Santa Claus, which is how Obama was seen. (interruption)  No.  No.  I don’t remember people getting mad at me about.  Is that right?  People on the left were mad at me for calling him Santa?  Why, because Santa Claus is a bad guy? 

It’s exactly what I meant. It’s tough to compete with people giving away money.  It’s tough to compete with people giving away jobs, giving away money, giving away food stamps, giving away whatever. I don’t remember the left being — wait a minute.  Now I do, okay, now I do.  All of a sudden the memories started flooding back. I do remember it. I remember being really puzzled by it. 

And it had to be because I’d hit the nail on the head, because they wanted Obama’s victory to be all about intellect. They wanted Obama’s victory to be all about people understanding the brilliance and the change from Bush and it was good to have somebody with a good crease in their slacks now, somebody really, really articulate and really, really, really smart from the Ivy League.

And I had reduced his victory to nothing more than a fat guy in a red suit riding around in a sleigh being driven by reindeer, and they were righteously indignant over this.  Pundits and newspapers and on TV.  So I just asked this literally moments ago, so there’s no particular order.  I don’t know what’s coming, but let’s just get started and listen to some of these. 

(playing of spoof) 

RUSH: We put that one together. 

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: Stop the tape a minute.  Recue that.  We put Baracka Claus is Coming to Town before Christmas Eve.  That was after Obama won in 2008, the election, it was November, very close to Christmas.  You’re right.  I remember now.  The media just had a fit when we started playing that.  They were mad that I had called him Santa Claus and that’s why he won.  Then we did Baracka Claus is Coming to Town, they lost it.  They really did.  Okay, now, let’s keep rolling.  Here’s the next. 

(playing of spoof) 

RUSH: White comedian Paul Shanklin here, folks, as Barack Hussein O. 

(playing of spoof)

RUSH:  The EIB Network Christmas parodies from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Hits. 

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: White comedian Paul Shanklin as Barack Hussein Obama, and we are just taking a brief review here of some of the Christmas parodies in the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites in recent years.  

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