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Cat Selfie! Rush and Allie

RUSH: Snerdley said, "You gotta post it." I showed him a video that I made, a selfie video with me and my cat last night.

Left Overplays Hand on Shooting

RUSH: They're overplaying their hand, and they're gonna continue to overplay their hand because this is the only way they know how.

Obama’s Secret Speech About Me

RUSH: The importance here is that I think this blurb, this sound bite from Obama, emphasizes something that I want you all to always remember.

PROMISE Program Exposed by This Show

RUSH: This is what Holder and Obama believe. So they believe that bigotry and racism is resulting in charges and convictions against innocent minority perps.

Caller: Parkland Push an Example of White Privilege

RUSH: Black Lives Matter activists are wondering why the media is more supportive of the Parkland shooting students than they are of African-American victims. So the caller may have had a point.

Government Never Pays a Price for Failure

RUSH: At every level of this there was some kind of government failure. And yet, every time it happens, people turn right back to the government demanding the government fix what they didn't do right in the first place.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: The Stack of Stuff is updated in real time with specific things I got to, and also any things I intended to get to but didn’t have time: The Holdover Stack. If I don’t talk about it, you don’t need to know about it.

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