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Feb 27, 2018


“The American left really does blame me for busting up their monopoly. They really do blame me for being the agent of disruption that began all of this partisanship that blew up the idea that all Americans could deal with the same set of facts every day as presented by Walter Cronkite.”

“You don’t need to go to college to learn to be a journalist. All you have to do to be a journalist is oppose Republicans on everything. That’s it. It’s not much more complicated than that.”

“Was Nikolas Cruz an NRA member? No. Have any of the previous mass shooters been NRA members? I don’t think so. In fact, the only NRA member I can remember who was involved in any mass shooting is the NRA instructor who stopped the Texas church shooter three months ago. It’s funny how the Drive-Bys have forgotten about him.”

“The Heritage Foundation today has issued a report saying that 65% of Donald Trump’s agenda has already been accomplished in just one year. There isn’t a president in modern times who got even close to that.”

CNN: Sheriff Says He Got 23 Calls About Shooter’s Family, but Records Show More
Breitbart: Florida Gun Show Witnesses Record Attendance amid Dem Gun Control Push
Daily Caller: Report: Deputies Were TOLD Not To Go Into High School
Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Delta’s Tax Break May Not Take Flight After Georgia Senate Blocks It
USAToday: FedEx Under Fire for NRA Discounts as Activists, Florida Students Press NBoycott; Company Says No Changing Coming
ABC: US Could be Witnessing ‘End of a Two-Party System’: Republican Governor
CBS: Trump Announces Re-Election Campaign and Brad Parscale as Campaign Manager
Boston Globe: Here are the Most Interesting Things Obama Said in His Secret MIT Speech
Boston Globe: Audio of Barack Obama’s Off-The-Record Appearance at the MIT Sloan Conference in Boston has Leaked
Don Surber: That Time an Unarmed Trump Stopped a Mugging
Mediaite: After Smearing Dana Loesch, The Media Cannot Let These Parkland Students Go Unchallenged
National Review: David Hogg Is Fair Game for Critics
Washington Examiner: Heritage Foundation: 64% of Trump’s Agenda Already Done, Faster than Reagan
Daily Caller: Boycotts Against NRA Have Backfire Effect, Galvanize Conservatives
Reason: 5 Things Barack Obama Said in His Weirdly Off-the-Record MIT Speech
Less Government: The Left’s Fake Grassroots: The Best Big Money Can Buy – Seton Motley
FOXNews: Georgia’s Lieutenant Gov Blasts Delta for Cutting Ties with NRA; Warns He Will Block Legislation Favoring Airline
Breitbart: Broward County Likely ‘Inspiration’ for Obama School Discipline Policy to Report Fewer Arrests, Suspensions
Breitbart: Sheriff David Clarke: Democrats ‘Have Screwed this Country Up with Failed, Liberal Urban Policies’
USAToday: FedEx Under Fire for NRA Discounts as Activists, Florida Students Press Boycott; Company Says No Change Coming
CNN: Daschle Says ‘Shrill’ Talk Radio Spurs Threats – 11.25.02


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