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RUSH: Snerdley said, “You gotta post it.” I showed him a video that I made, a selfie video with me and my cat last night. He said, “You gotta put this on the Web page.”

“Come on. It’s a selfie camera. I don’t look my best.”

“It’s not you.” He said you people gotta see the cat. “They just gotta. You have to post it.”

So I posted it. It’s a 19-second video of me and Allie that I recorded last night on the sofa. It’s on the free side, the app, the website. It’s up there now if you want to look.


RUSH: By the way, some tech statistics on the video with my cat, Allie and me. That video was made with an iPhone X, 4K video, but the thing to notice about that video when you watch it is how still it is. I’m just holding this in my left-hand, and I’m not left-handed.

There is optical image stabilization on both cameras in the iPhone X dual camera setup. It’s not software generated stabilization. It’s actual stabilization built into the lens in the camera assembly, and it’s amazing how still that image looked. I’m sure my hand was not as still as the video appears.

It’s the only iPhone that has optical image stabilization on both lenses. The iPhone 8 Plus has the same cameras, but it does not have optical image stabilization on the telephoto lens, as the iPhone X does. That’s the thing to notice about that video if you have a chance to take a look at it.

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