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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: The Pence Rule

RUSH: A few days ago, the Washington Post revisited the Pence Rule and they reported that in the #MeToo era, businesses are beginning to adopt it. They’re limiting mixed-gender travel, and male employees are cancelling one-on-one meetings with female colleagues. Even friendly hugs are taboo.

New FBI Texts Implicate Obama

RUSH: We now have more evidence via the text messages from Strzok and Lisa Page that this is all about Obama. That everything here is about protecting Obama, not just Hillary.

Why Aren’t the FISA Judges Outraged?

RUSH: When instinctive respect for these institutions begins to fail, it's not good. And that's where we are here. And, by the way, the suspicion is legitimate.

Reporters Believe the Worst About Trump

RUSH: A White House pool report prompted other news outlets to incorrectly report that the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, told reporters that Trump had not read the 10-page Pencil Neck memo because it was too long.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: This feature is for Rush 24/7 members. We update it in real time with specific stories I talk about on the program. And then we add any that I run out of time for and hold over for the next excursion into broadcast excellence.

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