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RUSH: Have you seen this? This is the Washington Free Beacon. This is classic. A White House pool report prompted other news outlets to incorrectly report that the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, told reporters that Trump had not read the 10-page Pencil Neck memo because it was too long.

Now, folks, this is more than just a reporter lying. This is what’s happening on the left. They are dumb. This reporter no doubt has heard over and over again that Trump doesn’t like to read, doesn’t have the attention span for it, maybe can’t read, and believes it! Believes it. They believe this stuff. It’s not that they are knowingly running scams. They believe this stuff that they end up seeing and in some cases reporting themselves, about Trump’s stupidity, his lack of curiosity, they end up believing this stuff.

So you had a reporter who threw out there that John Kelly — now, he did lie about this. Kelly told reporters that Trump — and the pool reporter, the Dallas Morning News, Todd Gillman is the reporter. (imitating Gillman) “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kelly said that Trump didn’t read it ’cause it’s too long.” And of course the rest of the Drive-Bys repeat this. It went viral. Kelly’s quote from reporter was, “No, no, no, Trump didn’t read it. It’s quite lengthy.”

So that quote from Kelly, the chief of staff, goes viral when repeated by reporters on social media, and then it gets retweeted and followed and blows up. CNN Manu Raju tweeted, “John Kelly on whether Trump has read the Schiff memo. ‘No, no. It is quite lengthy.’ We are told it’s 10 pages.”

Peter Baker, New York Times, retweeted it, NBC politics, TheHill.com ThinkProgress editor. “White House says 10-page memo too lengthy for Trump to read.” It spread everywhere. And it’s a hoax. Now, look, I can be wrong. The reporter could know that this is all bogus. But I think these people believe what they reported. They believe Trump’s stupid. They believe we’re racists, sexists, bigot, homophobe, they believe this stuff.

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