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RUSH: I still have not seen a thing today… Now, I haven’t been able to see everything, admittedly, but I haven’t seen a thing today on CNN about the latest text from Strzok and Lisa Page saying, “POTUS wants to know everything.” The story right now on CNN: “White House Staff Secretary Resigns Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations.” White House staff secretary. I mean, there’s so many secretaries in there. But of course what CNN’s all hot to trot about is there might be some sexual abuse going on in the White House, and that means… Could it possibly be Trump hitting on the clerical pool?

And even if it isn’t, they’re going to be alluding to this with panels of experts. It’s… (interruption) Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. You are more informed than I! (interruption) It’s some guy and two of his ex-wives have said that he…? (interruption) So it’s not domestic violence against a secretary in the White House on the staff? (interruption) It is a male secretary. (interruption) Ex-wives are rising up and saying he abused them? (interruption) Okay. (interruption) “On his own time.” Nobody has their own time when they work at the White House.

Speaking of that, have you heard Sheryl Sandberg, who is effectively the person that runs Facebook, ’cause Zuckerberg doesn’t know what he’s doing. He codes and does stuff, buys property, but Sandberg’s in there running the place, and she says #MeToo is not enough, the #MeToo… Now, we had a story yesterday Kyle Smith at the New York Post, backlash against the #MeToo movement is now starting to hurt women professionally because they’re being excluded from any meetings where there are male bosses. But Sheryl Sandberg said, “This is not enough! #MeToo is just the beginning. It’s not enough.”

Look, I’ve got an entire Stack of Stuff here on the cultural rot taking place in our country, and I have not given it the priority today, and I’ve got a great back-end story to all of it, and it’s about Nick Foles and his trip to Disneyland, some thing he said. The quarterback for the Eagles, the backup quarterback to the Eagles, in the Super Bowl. I’ve had so many people say, “This guy has to listen to you. He has to be or has to have been a listener.” I don’t know, but Nick Foles — who is 25 years old, a Millennial — says things that you don’t hear in pop culture Millennial circles these days.

It’s about failure and adversity and coming back from it and it’s about all the phoniness that’s on social media. He had an interesting term for social media. He said, “All it is is a highlight reel.” Meaning everybody’s lying, putting nothing but the greatest, most fun, super-duper things about themselves on there, and nobody has lives that are perfect like that. It’s equating all kinds of self-doubt in others and so forth. It’s right up my alley. It’s exactly right up my alley. So just be confident. I’ve got this. And some of the stuff in this Stack about our cultural rot feeds off the things I had yesterday.

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