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Boy Scouts to Admit Girls

RUSH: It has nothing to do with equity. Again, it's trying to buy peace. The women are on the warpath, and let's head 'em off at the pass.

Trump Won’t Let Up, Threatens NBC’s Broadcast License

RUSH: It's part of the relentless nature he has. They are fake news, they're bad for the country, and they ought to have to earn the right to be this bad. They ought to have to earn the right. They ought to have to pass some kind of regulatory scheme in order to be able to do fake news. I know what he's doing with this, and it's how he keeps his base riled up. But more than that, he's keeping pressure on calling them fake news, which they are and which they detest.

Al Green Resumes Impeachment

RUSH: Impeachment was postponed because of Las Vegas, but there's been enough mourning and there's been enough sorrow.

What I Know About Robert Kraft

RUSH: We had a caller from Worcester, Massachusetts, who was really wired, and he was on the warpath against the Patriots and particularly the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft… He’s not at all the man that was portrayed by the caller.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: No longer is this just gonna be a long list of stories that I might mention on the program. Now, you will get specifically the stories that I talk about on the program and a select list of a few others that I intended to get to but ran out of time. It's going to be more of a real-time base feature rather than just a generic list of places that I go to prep the show.

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