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RUSH: You know what just popped up on the Drudge Report, folks? Here’s the headline: “Congressional Pharmacist Confessional.” There’s apparently a pharmacy that’s in a little residential-looking house near Capitol Hill, and they deliver prescriptions to members of Congress. They take ’em up there so members of Congress never have to go to drugstore. But that’s not the deal.

This guy says he is delivering Alzheimer’s medication to members of Congress. He’s not naming any names, but he says some of the people don’t even remember he was there the day before. I have not had a chance to read it. Those are just the three headlines and subheads on this. I just now saw it. We’ve got the Capitol Hill drugstore to go along with the Capitol Hill bank and the Capitol Hill post office.

Now there’s the Capitol Hill drugstore, and there’s a picture of it. It looks just like a little… It’s a white little clapboard house that is supposedly (laughing) near Capitol Hill, and the guy makes deliveries to members of Congress. He says that he delivers Alzheimer’s drugs (he doesn’t name names) and he says some of the people to whom he delivers don’t even remember that he was there the day before or the last time.

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