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RUSH: Capri Cafaro, former Ohio State Senator who now teaches at American University’s School of Public Affairs, is a Democrat.

In the Washington Examiner, Ms. Cafaro writes that she has always been a proud Democrat. But now she is disappointed in Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for not speaking up right away about Harvey Weinstein’s “failures.”

She says Hillary should have denounced Harvey Weinstein right away and should have donated any money to organizations that support victims of sexual assault because Hillary Clinton presented herself as the champion of women during her failed presidential campaign.

Ms. Cafaro is also troubled that Joe Biden still hasn’t weighed in on Harvey, especially since Biden drafted the Violence Against Women Act, and championed combating campus sexual assault.

“The country is watching,” Cafaro writes. “More importantly, victims of sexual assault are watching. The most prominent among us must show that people like Weinstein, regardless of fame or finances, are held accountable for such unconscionable behavior.”

Ms. Cafaro. Do you remember when Bill Clinton’s “failures” came to light? The country was watching then, too. We saw the way proud Democrats behaved, Joe and Hillary included. We especially remember Hillary leading the bimbo eruptions unit to discredit Bill’s victims, and how she whined about a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

As for Harvey Weinstein, he’s just the latest proud sexual-predator Democrat to get caught. But how did he get away with it for so long? By being a good liberal like you, Ms. Cafaro.

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