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RUSH: Everyone in the Drive-By Media is on the same page. They’re unified in their mission to terrify Americans because the Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill passed the House.

Take this headline in the Washington Post over the weekend: “I Was Raped. Thanks to Republicans I Could Be Denied Insurance for Surviving.” The writer claims insurers can now classify rape as a “pre-existing condition.” And that Republicans are further traumatizing woman who were raped by denying them coverage. To believe this, you have to believe Republicans don’t have mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. All they have is trannys.

The New York Times ran a long story about people who would supposedly lose protection. Such as a children’s book author, who’s fighting brain cancer. She’s panicked that she’ll lose her coverage due to her pre-condition. To believe this, you have to believe Republicans never have cancer in their own families.

Finally, the Times ran a piece claiming the Obamacare repeal could kill the ”job engine” of America. They report on people making deliveries for healthcare companies who might lose work.

But these same outlets ignored the millions of Americans priced out of the healthcare market by Obamacare, and the thousands who lost their doctors and plans they liked. Including cancer patients and rape victims. They ignored the millions of jobs lost due to the employee mandate.

There was no Drive-By-media hysteria then. Today: total hysteria and it’s total B.S.

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