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RUSH: When the Supreme Court decisions came down this week, one of those decisions was that these two reporters cases would not be heard, Judith Miller of the New York Times, and Matt Cooper of TIME. Yesterday the federal judge that handed down these contempt citations affirmed them. It said that TIME Magazine might divulge the source now to keep Matthew Cooper out of jail, but the New York Times probably won’t. And I find this funny, too, folks. The libs are all upset that these reporters are not protected and have to spill their sources. They’re upset at the court. They don’t understand how the Supreme Court would rule this way.

First Amendment, right to free press and so forth. Well, the media have nobody to thank but themselves for this, because if free speech under the Constitution wasn’t enough to void their favorite law McCain-Feingold, then it surely isn’t enough to shield their employees. If you can tamper with the First Amendment and come up with the folly of McCain-Feingold it ought to tell everybody in the First Amendment business that, hey, we’re under assault.

The same media that’s out there celebrating the court rewriting the Constitution for other purposes, like commerce, public use, abortion, and all that, they can’t then change course and demand that the court protect their own constitutional rights as they perceive them. The courts are now free to do as they please under a living and breathing Constitution that’s become meaningless, and if the courts decide that journalists can’t protect their sources, then that’s it. But it’s kind of funny to listen to stuck pigs when they’re the ones getting stuck, while all these other cases out there they laugh and make fun of the people who are affected by other judicial rulings, now it’s happened to them, and I say attaboy. In fact, do you know the case of Wen Ho Lee? Wen Ho Lee out at our nuclear facility in the southwest, he was falsely accused of being a spy for Red China. And it was these anonymous sources, four different journalists condemned Wen Ho Lee on the basis of leaks from anonymous sources. And they’re now considering contempt lawsuits, civil lawsuits against these journalists for putting out false information. I’m setting that one aside for potential use by me down the road, folks. Because this is a fascinating case as well.

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