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RUSH: Jerry in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, you’re next. It’s great to have you with us.

CALLER: 82nd Airborne greetings, Professor Limbaugh.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: It’s been a long time since I talked to you back when you were here in WFNC in the mid-eighties. I’m a 20-year veteran, mostly spent with the 82nd Airborne Division. I’ve got four combat tours, including the two current conflicts that are going on, and stuff that Durbin says really gets under my skin. I’ve been over there, the people, I’ve got tons of pictures of stuff that we’ve done with the kids gathered around us, the adults gathered around us.

I’ve got a broken wrist currently from an Iraqi that tried to stab me and it was other Iraqis that let me know that he was coming up behind me before I ended up having to take care of that little situation. And when he was talking about the people sleeping on the floor and the temperatures getting over a hundred degrees and then they lay in there shivering with the air-conditioning (listen to Durbin), at first I thought he was talking about me.

When I first got to Iraq and when I got to Afghanistan and we were laying on the ground, the temperatures were over a hundred degrees and we’re out doing patrols and things, and come back at night sweaty, no showers, and the temperature drops and we were freezing. He thinks the people in G’itmo got it worse than the paratroopers that were initially going into these conflicts and the other soldiers? He’s ridiculous, and he ought to shut his mouth unless he goes, not for a week and tours around, but for–

RUSH: Let me just tell you something out there, Jerry. That’s why we’re posting the five-day forecasts at RushLimbaugh.com for G’itmo and Baghdad to illustrate exactly what you’re talking about. But you have to understand something. The mainstream press is starting to circle the wagons around Durbin now just as they are around Hillary. The Minneapolis Star Tribune is upset that Durbin even tried to apologize and they’re urging him to speak out even more. Richard Cohen in the Washington Post says that Durbin needs to speak more like this, that this is just an example of what’s gone wrong in this country. Somebody can’t be honest about who we are without getting tarred and feathered and this sort of stuff, and says he doesn’t understand what the uproar is all about. That doesn’t surprise me at all because there’s a double standard.

You know, when the liberals say outrageous things. Well, the whole campaign of 2004 was nothing more than one outrage after another, one lie after another, one attempt to destroy a president after another — and there wasn’t one bit of examination of it by the mainstream press. But, boy, when the swift boat vets came out, and when they had documented evidence of the truth of John Kerry, and it forced Kerry to change his Vietnam and Cambodia story two or three times from his official biography, no less, guess who got attacked? The swift boat vets. And guess what?

This Hillary book is being described as the next effort of the Swift Boat Vet type thinking in the Republican Party. So just get used to this. In fact, I’ve got a story from the American Spectator Online today, and it’s got a real interesting quote here from an unidentified staffer at the Democrat National Committee, and it’s this: “Part of the problem, too, says the DNC staffer, is that the headquarters has become a playground for fringe groups that never would have been given access under previous DNC chairmen. ‘You see some of the people being let in here for meetings and for coordination briefings and you have to wonder where this thing is going. There is no judgment about who the party should be associated with. If they hate Bush, can raise money, they’re in. That’s what happened with the Downing Street hearing. That’s why we’re backpedaling now.'” Because the only people that are tying themselves to that are the left-wing fringe kooks.

So you’ve got a DNC staffer worried about what’s happening at the Democratic Party. That’s why Kerry didn’t go forward with the Downing Street memo. They don’t trust it; they don’t believe it. He threatened to take it to Congress and start impeachment inquiries over it and he backed off on that. So exactly what I am telling you is happening to the Democratic National Committee and party is indeed happening — and if they’re worried about it inside that building, then that means they know the American people can figure it out on their own without any urging from people like me.

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