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It’s not sticking, guys, and if you need further evidence of that, Reuters had a story on Tuesday that proves such. “The Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer who investigated President Bush for insider trading more than a decade ago said on Tuesday that no pressure was put on him to drop the investigation even though Bush’s father was president at the time.
“Bruce Hiler – who currently represents Jeffrey Skilling, bankrupt Enron Corp.’s former chief executive – was associate director of the SEC’s enforcement division when it investigated Bush’s sale in 1990 of Harken Energy Corp. stock before the company reported large losses.”
By the way, folks, this guy had a co-investigator that was a big liberal Democrat, Bill McLucas, who’s still there and has said the same thing.
“Hiler, who left the SEC to join the law firm of O’Melveny & Myers in 1994, rejected suggestions the probe was in any way influenced by then President George Bush, telling Reuters: ‘There was no political pressure. There was no case, period.'”

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