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Former President Bill Clinton took part in a town hall forum of present and former world leaders as part of the world AIDS conference in Spain. He was the guest of honor at the event and joked about the idea of putting the Nike logo on condoms. Now folks, you know what the Nike logo is, it points back at you. Imagine if there’s a hole in the condom! Bubba’s idea inspired us to play the Charming Billy and Condom update theme songs, which you can hear in the audio link below.
On a separate note, Chelsea Clinton is serving a one-month internship with the World Health Organization in Geneva. Now, I wonder, did she sit down with her dad and have a father-daughter talk about what might go wrong during internships?
By the way, there’s a news story that says Clinton has someone fronting for him to try find a home in Ireland. I thought St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland?

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