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None of them has ever served as a governor – which is the chief executive officer of the state. None of them has a Harvard MBA like President Bush. The buck has never stopped at one of their desks. They’ve never had to attract businesses or jobs to their states by creating a healthy investment and business environment. Yet they’re writing laws out there on accounting, and CEOs and corporations, and people applauding!
This helps explain their constant disparagement and antipathy toward capitalism, business enterprise, private property, tax cuts and limited government. It helps explain their “them against us” rhetoric and their contempt for Bush and Cheney. Neither the president nor the vice president are lawyers or career pols, but both have succeeded in the business world. Compare that to these Democrats, who believe that rights are not natural or God-given, but rather come from government.

These Democrats claim to be civil libertarians, yet they oppose free speech in so-called campaign finance reform. They oppose the free exercise of religion. They oppose freedom of association. They oppose gun ownership. They oppose individual rights and states’ rights – all of which are explicitly protected in the Bill of Rights, and I mean the Bill of Rights. I don’t mean Daschle’s stupid investors’ bill of rights or the patients’ bill of rights or whatever else these clowns come up with to corrupt our language and dilute the real Bill of Rights.
These Democrats attack Bush and Cheney, and seek to punish all businesses in the name of rooting out corruption. For all these reasons, they must be stopped. “Don’t go back,” as I write in Capitalism Does Not Lead to Corruption, Lack of Character Does. Do not allow this little blip in our market to turn you against capitalism. Don’t fall for this notion that the pursuit of profit is what leads to corruption. People with no integrity or character are the ones who end up being corrupt.

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