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The Good News on Jobs and Trump Approval

RUSH: We have a record number of Americans employed: 155,965,000 in June. That's the 11th record-setting, jobs-related statistic under Donald Trump.

The Midterms and Shutdown Strategy

RUSH: So what we did in '94. You nationalize the House races, and you run campaigns in all of these districts talking about how important Congressman X will be to the Trump agenda.

The Right Values Help You Handle Failure

RUSH: I remained in love with what I wanted to do and I refused to accept that the people firing me were smarter than I was and were right when they told me I wasn't good enough to do it.

Our Live EIB Phone Test

RUSH: I need one of you people on the phones to conduct a test, and we can only do this test live on the air.

Rush 24/7 Stack of Stuff

RUSH: This is my real Stack of Stuff with whatever I talk about on the air — and if I don’t talk about it on the air, it’s not that important for you to know about! Plus, anything I don't have time to get to is put into The Holdover Stack for my next program.

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