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RUSH: It’s Open Line Friday. Back to the phones. Catherine in Allentown, Pennsylvania, great to have you here.

CALLER: Congratulations, Rush, on your anniversary show, and also for bringing forward the patriots of our country and recognizing them.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I really do.

CALLER: Oh, no, it’s an honor to speak with you. My husband and I tried to go out to the rally yesterday, and I don’t know if you knew this or not, but people started lining up at 2 a.m. to see the president.

RUSH: I saw that. I was stunned by it. That’s as early as I’ve seen anybody lining up for a rally.

CALLER: Right. Right. And they’re phenomenal. And they are unbelievable. But the reason I wanted to go out and the reason I wanted to call you is I was hoping that the president would consider appointing a special prosecutor and a forensic auditor to investigate Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, who I consider to be political pimps.

RUSH: Political pimps, did you say?

CALLER: Yes! Yes! Pimps — and let me explain, if I may, please. We all know that Hillary received over $145 million after she was able to get rid of 20% of our uranium, and we also know that she set up a private server. Now, it’s my contention that Vladimir Putin is an astute politician, who realizes it’s much cheaper and more effective to destroy and cripple the United States from within than to have a war — and, thus, the payoff for Clinton. I do not believe that he felt that paying her off alone was going to be effective. I believe more money was spent, and I believe that these private servers that she had set up was her way of communicating with the Russians without having to go through the proper government channels.

RUSH: And you think the 30,000 emails that she deleted that nobody can find — that Trump asked the Russians to find — are emails of communication with Putin?

CALLER: Well, communications in that she didn’t say, “Hi, Vladimir,” you understand. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying she put out information and if he was able to get it, the Russians were able to get it, she feigned ignorance. Now, Rush, between you and I and the rest of the world, she’s a lawyer and she was secretary of state. If she did not understand that she was required to use only the email service that was provided by the government —

RUSH: Oh, she knew all that. Look, here’s the thing about this: Your theorizing on this is entirely understandable. I can imagine that there are some people listening who think, “Good grief! I’ve heard some weird theories, but this takes the cake.” Let me explain to you why people are coming up with these theories, folks. We have two systems of justice in this country, and it’s become patently obvious to everybody.

Look, it’s going to sound very simplistic to say this. But this is simply what I’ve observed, and you have to have the courage to admit what you’re watching, and it’s very simple. If you are a Democrat and you’ve engaged in any kind of questionable, illegal activity, you get a pass. You get a pass if you’re not a Democrat. If you’re a Republican, you don’t. The entire thing that is happening — the Mueller investigation, the special counsel thing. Everything that’s happening here is the result of one thing.

Everybody involved from Mueller to Comey to all these people at the FBI, to Rosenstein, to Barack Obama — who is in the thick of this because all of this happened, it all began in his administration. They all knew that Hillary Clinton had violated countless laws, and they knew that Obama had too by virtue of communicating with her in that illegal server. But the uranium deal is also another situation where she and her husband both profited in ways that are illegal, $500,000 for a speech to somebody in Moscow that Clinton got.

The uranium deal, the Clintons’ foundation. The Clinton Foundation is the focus. The Clinton Foundation, if there were ever an investigation of that, is where the dominos to the Clintons would fall. All of this… The Steele dossier, the Russian collusion with Trump, the Manafort trial, everything that happened here was designed to exonerate and shift blame away from Hillary Clinton. She was going to be the Democrat nominee. They could not permit the Democrat Party nominee to come under the auspices of the law.

They had to exonerate her. They had to make sure she would never be prosecuted. They had to steer everybody’s attention away from the illegal activity that she, her campaign, and the Democrat National Committee, had all engaged in. Because if they had not done that then she would have been tainted, might not have survived as the party nominee, and everybody involved here had a personal stake, a career stake, a financial stake in Hillary Clinton becoming the next president.

They were all going to keep their jobs. They would be able to parlay those jobs into huge, private-sector jobs down the road. None of this that has happened would have happened. There wouldn’t have been any upset, there wouldn’t have been any disturbance in the force field of the deep state. But in order for Hillary Clinton to get elected, she had to be exonerated, protected and shielded from all the illegal activity she and her husband had engaged in.

And people have seen this — average, ordinary Americans who normally would not know any of this because the Drive-By Media doesn’t report any of this the way I’ve explained it to you. I’m not the only one that’s explained it to you this way. Average, ordinary Americans plainly see that on the Democrat Party side of the aisle, the scales of justice are always balanced towards innocence and not being held accountable. On the Republican side, it’s the exact opposite.

Trump has not committed a single crime that he’s been alleged to. But Hillary did! They couldn’t let that go forward. She had to be exonerated. She had to be the party nominee. She was going to be the party nominee; she had to win the presidency. And this election constitutes one of the biggest, most gigantic political upsets in the history of this country, and the deep state still has not recovered from it. They are still discombobulated.

So they are now embarking and continuing with this pursuit of Trump and anybody in his orbit as guilty of this or guilty of that to continue to now shield what they did in exonerating Hillary, in protecting Hillary, in not holding her accountable — and everybody that’s paying attention knows this. That’s why during a Trump rally if her name comes up the crowd chants, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” People know. There’s been too much reporting on it.

There’s been too many attempts to cover it up in the Drive-By Media. People know that we have two systems of justice in Washington and that the Democrats are not held accountable the same way Republicans are. We have two political systems of justice, and everybody’s fed up. So when people see this — when they see the rich and the powerful who they know are guilty as sin — not even be pursued and not even be prosecuted, they start conjuring up explanations.

“There has to be some explanation. It can’t be…” They say to themselves, “It can’t be that our justice system has crumbled and that we have nobody worth their salt running it anymore. It can’t be that the criminal justice system in the United States — the Department of Justice, the FBI. They can’t all be totally corrupt,” people say. There has to be some other reason to explain this. That begets that conspiracy theory or this conspiracy theory, because people can’t explain it.

But, my friends, you know the old adage, Occam’s razor: “The simplest and the most obvious explanation is probably the explanation.” I don’t think this is complicated at all. I think they had to make sure… Hillary Clinton is so corrupt and has been so touched by that corruption and bordering on illegality just with the foundation, with all those financial donations coming from people she didn’t know, from countries all over the world. They were not donating to charities.

They were donating to future President Hillary Clinton. They were expecting something for all that money. She had to win. Plus, these people were talking about are all invested in the Clintons anyway. The Clintons have run the Democrat Party since the ’90s. They’ve got dossiers. You talk about dossiers? They’ve got dossiers on everybody. They have professed loyalty. That’s why the Obama circumstances in 2008 and coming along winning a nomination, threw the Democrat Party into more turmoil than you will ever believe.

So when 2016 came around, it was Hillary and nobody else. Bernie Sanders never had a prayer. He was there as a foil. Everybody knew it except his voters. The fix was in for Hillary. We know it was — and the fix was in to the extent that she was going to be exonerated of any criminal activity, any corruption in advance. She wasn’t going to have to survive a trial. She wasn’t even going to be charged.

Meanwhile, we see what’s happened on the Republican side, with all of the efforts to literally destroy people — including Donald Trump — who haven’t done anything close to that which they’ve been accused of. So people are naturally going to come up with the wildest conspiracy theories to explain this because they’re fed up with it and it just doesn’t make sense. How can our justice system…? This is the United States of America!

We are not a Third World tinhorn dictatorship. How can this happen? Everybody trusts our justice system, for the most part. They trust the DOJ. What we’ve seen? Bill Clinton meets with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. Hillary Clinton is exonerated before her interview with the FBI. The exoneration memo is written before. Hillary Clinton’s political aides are confirmed as lawyers so they have attorney-client privilege.

They get to sit in with her on the interview. All of the laptops with all the evidence of what Hillary did are destroyed by the FBI agents that interviewed her. People see this and they say, “Gee whiz! I couldn’t get this. No Republican could get this. The fix is in.” My point: The fix had to be in. Everything people were talking about all the names you know — everything. Their political futures depended on Hillary Clinton being elected.

Their legal futures depended on Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would never know about any of this that we’re talking about. It would have never come out. The spying, the FISA application warrant, the Steele dossier. None of it. We wouldn’t know 10% of that if Hillary Clinton had won. It’s another reason she had to win, to cover all this stuff up.

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