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RUSH: You may not know this, but for years union membership has been tanking. A rising organized labor group, however, just might turn things around.

The newly formed Campaign Workers Guild boasts some successes already. They’ve helped organize staffers in at least a dozen Democrat campaigns, and one political consulting firm.

Apparently, Democrats running for office treat campaign workers like dirt. But the staffers’ complaints of low pay, long hours, and horrible working conditions, sexual abuse if it’s the Hillary campaign, and it’s all been ignored for years.

So now unions are organizing these Democrat campaign workers, to force Democrat politicians to treat them like human beings.

And guess what? This is causing panic among some high-level Democrats. Steve Hildebrand, deputy manager for Obama’s 2008 run, says political campaigns are short-term gigs, so unionizing doesn’t make sense. Besides, working on a political campaign isn’t like other jobs; it’s a “cause.” Hildebrand worries that if Democrat campaigns are heavily unionized in 2020, campaign workers won’t put in enough hours to win.

What delicious irony! Unions are actually targeting oppressed Democrat campaign workers to find new members, and the Democrats are opposed to unions? If this new labor movement costs their Democrat pals the election, wow, would that be icing on the cake. Who would have believed this?

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