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RUSH: There’s also a piece today by Thomas B. Edsall.  Now, let me remind you who this guy is.  Thomas B. Edsall, if I’m not mistaken, has written for the Washington Post.  Now he’s with the New York Times. Although he may have always been with the Times.  I’m not sure.  But it was Thomas B. Edsall that in November of 2011 wrote a piece published in, I think, the New York Times/Washington Post — again, I don’t recall — in which he made it clear…

Thomas B. Edsall

He was writing almost as a member of the Obama presidential campaign strategy team, and he was writing that the Obama Democrat Party was going to officially write off the “white working class vote” for the 2012 Obama reelection effort and would instead focus on the rising total of minorities and use that as the targeted base. Because the white working class didn’t like Obama much to begin with. They were Reagan Democrats of old.

That’s how I remember Thomas B. Edsall.  So they basically went out and said, “We’re not interested in the white working class. They don’t fit the Obama mode. They are the old America. They don’t represent the future,” and the Obama team said, “We’re throwing in with the future,” which was illegal immigrants and any other minority group they could find to put in their coalition.  Well, Thomas B. Edsall is back.He has a piece here at the New York Times called “The Democrats’ Gentrification Problem.”  Now, I’m not gonna go into detail now, but it’s coming up later, and I’m gonna tell you what this is basically asserting.  And he’s right.  “The Democrats’ Gentrification Problem” is that the Democrats are the ones creating the gap between the haves and have-nots in the cities that they run, and he cites San Francisco.

He says (paraphrased): Look at all of the improvements that are happening for the rich and for the elite, the people that live near the coast or on the coast.  And then you look where everybody else lives, and you have to have a map of where piles of feces are for the tourists and the residents so they can avoid it.  You have to have another map where the used needles and other drug paraphernalia litter the streets.  Then you have to have another map that shows tourists where to avoid the puke and the vomit.  And then another map to show them where to avoid homeless enclaves.

Thomas B. Edsall is essentially indicting Democrats for creating this tremendous and widening gap between haves and have-nots.  He starts out by saying, “The nation’s largest cities and metropolitan areas — home to a majority of Democratic voters — are at the forefront of the party’s most vexing racial, ethnic and class conflicts.”  It’s a long piece, but there’s some excerpts in it.  It’s kind of brave, actually.  You don’t see the media blaming wealthy Democrats as the problem for poor Democrats.

But let me help and sum this up.  Let me give you — and I just did some — the practical manifestation of liberalism.  Let me give you a list of things that you can count on happening, to one degree or another, anyplace that is run unchecked by massive liberal, authoritarian-type power.  Homelessness.  Wherever liberals and Democrats run things with no opposition, homelessness abounds.  Dirty needles on the street bound.  Now human feces in the street!

San Francisco.  You can’t get a more liberal-dominant city anywhere. Maybe Seattle.  The great liberal utopia, the great liberal experiment! Massive homelessness, dirty needles strewn everywhere on the street, human feces in the street.  I think along with this map that they’re making to help people avoid the piles of feces out there, maybe revive the old Tiny Tim song (singing), “Tiptoe through the feces with me.”  Add liberal tour guides and try to turn it into some kind of fun.

You also have — you can guarantee that you are going to have — ridiculously high taxes.  Wherever liberals run the show with no opposition that counts, you have single-party rule; an intolerant, lawless party. You’re going to have sanctuary cities and sanctuary enclaves where noncitizen criminals are going to be welcomed to the neighborhood. And the noncitizen illegal immigrant criminals are going to be sheltered and protected from federal law enforcement, just as is happening in San Francisco.  So if you live in a place run by the left, this is what you have to look forward to!  There’s a poll in California that says 59% of Californians want increased deportations.  They probably want less feces in the streets too, but nobody’s gonna listen.

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