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RUSH: Hey, it looks like Governor Moonbeam’s Empire is facing a rebellion.

San Diego County is the latest local government to openly revolt against California’s sanctuary city laws. The Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to support the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against California. The county will file an amicus brief in support of the federal government’s suit.

Supervisors agreed that the statewide sanctuary laws are unconstitutional, and pose a risk to public safety. So far, about a dozen local governments have joined the rebellion and others are considering signing on.

Governor Brown reacted to this news with insults. First, he accused the Republican party of playing politics to get votes in November. Us? Then he called those who disagree with his sanctuary policies “very low-life politicians.” He said that these low-lifes are just exploiting an inflammatory issue.

This is the kind of holier-than-thou arrogance that defines liberalism. Governor Brown, like every other liberal, simply can’t accept any view that challenges his own or the entire liberal agenda, especially views that are firmly rooted in the Constitution. I mean, that’s like showing Dracula the cross.

Thankfully, there are brave, principled Californians who are willing to stand up to the Democrat bullies who rule that state. We say, “Hear, hear. Keep on.”

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