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RUSH: I know this is gonna devastate many of you. I’ve been trying… It’s been a conscious effort not to spend a lot of time talking about Comey. Remember here during the OJ trial we had a “No OJ None of the Time” philosophy, ’cause OJ was everywhere. Well, Comey is everywhere now. So, I mean, what point is there in joining the chorus? Until I can come up with something that’s outside the groupthink to share with you about Comey, I’ll let other people handle it. Why join the crowd?

I’ve never been a person to do that. But Comey was… Let’s see. This is on The View today and he’s with Maude Behar, and Maude Behar said, “This morning you said that you’re no longer a Republican, and there’s a list of people like that right now.” Maude Behar says, “A lot of people used to be who say they’re not Republicans anymore. What made you say, Mr. Comey, that you’re not a Republican anymore?”

COMEY: I feel like the Republican Party left me and people like me. I used to think that at the heart of being a conservative — lowercase C — was first that character matters, and second that values matter most of all and I don’t know where that is today in the Republican Party and so I’m just not comfortable being part of it.

RUSH: So he’s out of there. I don’t know, but I’m devastated. Can the Republican Party go on? James Comey has left! Can Ronna what’s her name, Ronna Romney…? She runs the RNC. Can she get up and go to work now? James Comey has left the Republican Party! You know, a lot of people are saying, “When was he ever in the Republican Party?” But, you know, this sounds vaguely like the conservative intellectual Never Trumpers who are falling back on the idea that character matters, values matter.

“Trump has no character! He doesn’t reflect our values. We can’t possibly support this guy.” In fact, let me see… I might have this yesterday. Let me see if it’s still in the Stack. There’s a story by a guy named Quin Hillyer, who used to write at the American Spectator, and we’ve cited him often, and he has a piece — it’s either today or yesterday — citing four wonderful things Trump has done but that he thinks he ought to resign, because he’s an ogre. He’s a creep. He’s a horrible guy.

I guess it was in yesterday’s Stack, and I’m not gonna take the time to look for it here while we’re not in a commercial break. But it’s classic. These guys — these lifelong conservatives — who have maintained that they are very desirous, working very hard, very supportive of conservative ideas/conservative ideology being implemented from the level of the White House and Congress. And here they are! More conservatism is finding its way into our culture and our politics than at any time since Ronald Reagan, and these guys don’t like it.

It’s the one thing that’s amazed me about all of this. Their lifetimes have been spent advancing these ideas, these premises. Like tax cuts and like certain elements of the Trump foreign policy, certain elements of Trump’s trade policy. Not entirely. You’ve got some free traders that don’t like what Trump is doing. But there are any number of things, at least four things I could mention that Trump has done that no previous Republican president has even gotten close to succeeding at.

And these are things these guys supposedly have devoted their life’s work to making happen! And now they are, and they remain totally opposed. Now, that just sounds… Well, it’s worse than confusing. It sounds really curious to me, and Quin Hillyer has this piece going on and on and on about how Trump’s done these four great things, but that doesn’t mean anything! Trump still has to be. Hopefully, now Trump’s got this stuff and he’ll quit. Hopefully now Trump will resign!

Hopefully, now something will happen to Trump and he can’t continue being president. Something like this. And it’s all because Trump does not reflect their sophistication and supposedly their character and their values. And you’ll notice something in all of these people that share that viewpoint, folks. All of these conservative intellectuals who opposed Trump, the Never Trumpers…

Even though Trump is implementing many of the things they’ve devoted their life’s work to, these people are not among many of us who think the country is at a tipping point. They don’t see anything like a crisis. They just see the normal ebb and flow of who wins and who loses elections. So the Republicans win one and we got the White House. We got the committee chairmen; we got the cabinet-level secretaries, then the next four years the Democrats win, it goes back and forth.

And everything’s hunky-dory. Everything’s fine. Everything’s humming along, country goes up and down, this and that and the other. But we’re not, in their view, near anything like a crisis. The idea… For example, many of you think that we’re on the verge of losing the country because we’re on the verge of losing our culture. And we’re on the verge of losing our culture for two reasons: The American left is trying to rip it to sleds, and they’re using illegal immigration as one of their big weapons.

And these Never Trumper guys are actually in favor of amnesty and ongoing illegal immigration continuing and so forth, which they don’t see as posing any kind of a problem, much less a crisis. And I think that’s one of the elements of the great disconnect that exists between predominantly everybody that lives in Washington and those who don’t.

It’s not, for example, just Democrats in Washington who have this gigantic disconnect with everybody else in the country. It’s conservatives and Republicans, too, who live and work in Washington and have for years. I think there is a disconnect as well with, you know, what we call average, ordinary Americans and their plight and their dreams and their circumstances.

Trump is coming along reviving an economy, implementing tax cuts, corporate and personal, getting a handle on illegal immigration and trying to tighten it down, shut it down, fighting the Democrats on sanctuary cities and so forth. The white working class in this country is being slimed and smeared by the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is even prepared to abandon ’em. The Democrat Party is very public right now about writing off the white working class, specifically Christians.

They don’t want your vote. They don’t think you have anything in common with where they think the country needs to go, because you are the problem. You are the original racists. You’re the original majority, which means you are the original discriminators. You were the mean-spirited, selfish people that hoarded everything for yourselves and you didn’t share it with women or minorities or gays and lesbians or any of that. And so it’s about time that the white Christian majority took it on the chin! The Democrat Party wants no part of you.

They think they can win elections by marshaling a coalition of every minority group that they think in some short period of time is going to vastly outnumber what right now remains a white Christian majority in the country, literally writing off these voters. And many of these conservative intellectuals you’d have to think are essentially, whether they intend to or not, doing the same thing.

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