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RUSH: Did you see, did you hear that the IRS direct payment site was shut down yesterday? Yeah, I think they did get hacked. I think the Russians did it. I think this was a hack of the electronic payment, April 17th tax day, IRS payment site fails on tax day. Extensions to be granted.

This has to be the Russians. I mean, you’ve got Comey’s book tour going on. You’ve got the media fawning all over that. You’ve got the Mueller investigation apparently trying to branch out now. Trump on the verge of what looks like meetings with North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and all of a sudden the IRS can’t receive tax payments? And at first they weren’t going to offer any extensions. If you could not pay you were gonna suffer even though it was their fault. But don’t be surprised if it was a Russian hack shutting down the IRS. How long will it be before we hear that?


RUSH: Well, yeah. I mean, here we hit Syria; we knock out some chemical weapons stocks. Syria’s tied to Russia. So shutting down the IRS yesterday was a Russian retaliatory hack. Simple.

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