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RUSH: There’s a guy out there named Joe D’Alessandro, folks. He’s the president of the San Francisco visitors’ bureau and his job is to make you want to visit his city. And that’s important, because tourists and conventions bring in nine billion bucks a year. From that, City Hall in San Francisco takes $725 million off the top in taxes.

But Mr. D’Alessandro has gone public with a problem: visitors are complaining. Their San Francisco sightseeing experiences include seeing people shooting up drugs in broad daylight, streets littered with dirty needles, garbage, and human poop. Tent camps are all over the place. Not to mention threatening behavior by mentally ill or high street people and the homeless.

Hotel operators say their guests are swearing to never come back. Store owners have to train workers how to respond when the druggies or the crazies vandalize their properties. Convention-goers are flooding social media with horror stories about being victims of crimes.

Now it sounds bad, but there’s a marketing goldmine here. The city can now begin selling itself as the great progressive success story it is. San Francisco has become the world’s ultimate sanctuary city, and not just for illegals, but for every addict, criminal, predator, and wandering shred of human debris the left defends. They’re all at home in San Francisco.

So liberals everywhere should come, visit, and tiptoe through the poop, happily. It’s what liberalism provides.

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