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RUSH: Here’s Trey Gowdy, by the way, I mentioned this. Gowdy is looking at things in Comey’s book outside the Steele dossier stuff. This is interesting. This was on Fox & Friends this morning with Steve Doocy. And Doocy said, “Look, whatever Trump told Comey, it doesn’t rise to the level of obstruction of justice. He didn’t do anything wrong. Ultimately, doesn’t this help the president’s case?”

GOWDY: These Comey memos are Defense Exhibit A in obstruction of justice. I read ’em. Very few members of Congress have, and no one outside of Congress has read the Comey memos. I think this ought to be released. I think they ought to be released publicly, but they certainly ought to be released to Congress. They would be Defense Exhibit A in an obstruction of justice prosecution.

RUSH: Of Trump. Defense Exhibit A. These are memos that Comey released that he wrote at his meetings with Trump that he wanted released. He wanted them leaked. He gave them to his lawyer Benjamin Wittes (or Wittes, however you pronounce his name). These memos being released led to the selection of Mueller as independent special counsel, and Trey Gowdy says, “I’ve seen these memos that Comey wrote and if Trump’s ever charged with obstruction of justice, these Comey memos are his No. 1 exhibit in the defense against the charge of obstruction of justice,” which means that the Comey memos are highly suspect.

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