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RUSH: Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has ordered a full review of all forms of cooperation his country has with the United States. Nieto is unhappy with President Trump’s immigration policies. He’s frustrated with Trump’s supposedly negative attitude towards Mexico.

The review is expected to take a few weeks. Mexico’s foreign minister is warning us that isn’t just a lot of talk. They’re serious about it and there will be real consequences ahead.

Now, I can’t wait to know what some of those consequences are. Mexico allows thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America to caravan through their country with the stated goal of crossing into our country illegally. So where is this cooperation they keep talking about?

Mexico not only allows but encourages thousands upon thousands of its own citizens — primarily poor — to cross our border illegally, in some cases multiple times. Where is this cooperation they talk about?

Mexico does very little to help share the cost of providing benefits to the millions of Mexican citizens who already live illegally. So… where is his cooperation?

Yeah, I can’t wait to see what even less cooperation from the Mexican government would actually look like, and I know you can’t either! But we’re gonna keep a sharp eye out for it, and when we see the “less cooperation,” we’ll be sure to flag it and let you know.

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