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RUSH: Is Monday a holiday that I don’t know about? (interruption) You sure? (interruption) Well, let me tell you. I’m asking because, you know, normally April the 15th is tax-filing day. But when it falls on a weekend it’s always the next day. But yet Monday is the 16th; so you would think that would be the tax-filing day.

But it’s not. It’s Tuesday the 17th. So that’s why I’m thinking, “Is there another Monday holiday somebody snuck in there on me that I don’t know about?” (interruption) Okay, ’cause I never heard of a holiday on April 15th, and I know for a fact… (interruption) April 14th, yeah. (interruption) April 15th, yeah. There’s no holiday around this time, and I guarantee you people don’t think tax-filing day is a holiday.

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