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RUSH: We’ll start with Frank in Long Valley, New Jersey. I’m glad you waited Frank. How you doing?

CALLER: Good, Rush, how are you? Those polls that you just read lead right into what I’m saying. It’s time for Trump to ratchet up the verbiage that this is not an attack on him, but it’s an attack on us. It’s an attack on the American people, the tens of millions of people that voted for him.

He should be saying every single day, “You sent me here to expose this corruption. I’m doing it. You sent me here to change the way Washington has normally been run. I’m doing it. They don’t like it. They’re attacking me, but I’m just the person that’s here. They’re not really attacking me; they’re attacking you.”

RUSH: Well, except that Trump thinks they’re attacking him.

CALLER: No, I know. I know it’s against what he normally says and normally does —

RUSH: But actually no, he did this after his lawyer’s office was raided by the FBI in conjunction with the SDNY, he said this is an attack on America.

CALLER: Well, he said it was an attack more on America as far as going against the lawyer-and-client privilege. He needs to make the whole thing an attack on us. He needs to make the Mueller investigation —

RUSH: Okay, why? To what end? Is it just to satisfy you? What would be the —

CALLER: No, no, no. Not to satisfy me. Here’s the point. They’ll never, ever — just my personal opinion. The Democrats will never, ever impeach him. First of all, they have to come out — the only way they could even sell the American people on it is with Russian collusion. The reason Stormy Daniels now is 24/7 is because they’re trying to make you forget about Russian collusion, as you so perfectly put, they don’t have Russian collusion, and there never will be Russian collusion. So he needs now to ratchet it up because even if he — and the great line from The Raging Bull, if he wins he wins by staying in, but if he loses we still win if they get him out.

RUSH: You’re saying a lot of provocative things here. I don’t mean that negatively. You’re saying things I want to react to, so let’s slow down here and back up. You say they’ll never impeach him because there’s no evidence of Russian collusion.

CALLER: Well, no. They’re gonna need Russian collusion to convince the American people that it was the correct —

RUSH: They don’t — look, look, look, look. It’s not about convincing the American people of anything. Impeachment is exclusively a political event. It is not about —

CALLER: That’s why they can’t do it.

RUSH: No, that’s exactly why they will.

CALLER: No, they will get crushed. He needs to start ratcheting it up now for the midterms. See, they don’t hate him for his policies. They hate him for his tactics.

RUSH: No. They hate him because he’s an outsider that’s come in and turned everything upside down. They hate him for everything. They hate that he won. They hate that he ran. They hate that he’s outsmarting them. They hate that they can’t get rid of him. But when it comes to impeachment, the only way it’s gonna happen is if the Democrats win the House. And I’m here to tell you that if they win the House, they are going to put together articles of impeachment the House of Representatives, and they’re not gonna need Russian collusion.

They’re gonna be able to come up with everything that has offended them politically, from immigration and talking about the wall, to his extramarital affairs, to his basic uncouth personality, they’re gonna throw that all in there. Now, you’re gonna say, “Wait a minute, how’s that high crimes and misdemeanors?’ It isn’t. But they’ve got everybody on their side of the aisle, every Democrat voter salivating to have this guy impeached and frog-marched out of the White House.

They will have, in other words, the political strength on their side alone if they run the House to pass articles of impeachment. But that doesn’t mean they get a conviction in the Senate. Now, if the Republicans still hold Senate in this scenario and the Democrats win the House, that might impede them, but I think they’re gonna do it anyway, whether they get a conviction in the Senate or not, if for no other reason than to satisfy the — I’m my wits’ end to try to describe the unhinged mental state of your average radical leftist Democrat voter.

They want blood. They want pain. And the Democrats are hell-bent to give it to them. And that will be done by virtue of articles of impeachment. And the safe thing for them is if there isn’t a conviction.


RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Listen, I agree with you that that will probably occur, but they will lose the political vote because of it. They will do that because they’re nuts and they’re radical; I agree with you. But if they don’t have clear evidence — and you’re exactly right. Mueller raided that office because there’s no clear evidence and there won’t be. If they don’t have clear evidence of Russian collusion and they do exactly what you say they do, which they will if they win the House, they will suffer a political disaster worse than the next generation.

Because the American people that voted for him, the American centrists that voted for him, the people that know about the corruption, the people that are tired of the way things are going and they’re tired of the same old lousy system that’s been in place are gonna explode, because that’s all they sold us on was Russian collusion.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Stormy Daniels, everything else you’re talking about they will use. It will be the biggest political disaster of all time.

RUSH: I’m just telling you that even if they agree with you, they are still going to impeach. It’s like they’ve got a bunch of Draculas and they’re all needing blood to stay alive. And the Democrats are gonna give it to them even if it means they lose in 2020. They have to give it to ’em because that’s the source of their money, it’s the source of their power. The Democrats have created a literally rabid base of Democrat voters. And they have gone unrequited.

The Democrats in the media have assured them for a year-and-a-half they’re gonna get Trump. They’ve assured them and lied to them that Trump colluded. They’ve got these people on the verge of being insane as their standard normal, everyday operating mood. And they’re gonna have to satisfy that.

They’re gonna do it, they’re gonna start satisfying it in the campaign. They try to do each and every day now with the daily assaults and attacks on Trump. But all I’m trying to tell you is the level and intensity of the hate for Donald Trump on the radical left of this country — and I’m talking about average, ordinary Americans, not the Democrat leadership — is off the charts.

You and I can’t comprehend it because we don’t hate anybody, and we certainly don’t harbor this kind of animosity toward anybody. They live with it each and every day. And the Democrats in elected office are gonna have to feed this beast. And if they win the House, they’re gonna do impeachment or they’re gonna get as close to it as they can. Your point that if they do, they’re just disqualifying themselves from winning again any time soon —

CALLER: Without a full report from Robert Mueller that there was absolute Russian collusion between him and Putin, 100% they’re done. And I’m gonna tell you you were a genius coming out ahead of time telling everybody that the raid on his office, on Trump’s lawyer’s office was because he’s trying to induce him to fire everybody, that was exactly, exactly what he’s doing.

And if Trump plays it off — and I hope Dershowitz told him last night at dinner not to do that, which I don’t believe he’s gonna even come close to firing anybody, he needs to come out there and say, “I’m not gonna let them attack us anymore. I’m here for us.” It’s gotta be “us” and “we” from this point on. And he’s gotta emphasize it, if they win the House, if they win the House, this corruption, everything that we’ve started to expose goes back behind closed doors and all of you will be subject to a corrupt government the rest of your lives.

RUSH: Look. You are, in the normal ebb and flow of the day’s events, you’re absolutely correct philosophically and predictably in what you’re saying, but there’s an aspect of Trump that you have to know that you may not. And the best way I can illustrate it, ’cause you want Trump to pretty much every day take the news of the day and go to the cameras and microphones, tell the American people essentially, the people that voted for him, “Folks, you are under assault. You are under attack. I’m under attack. They are trying to get us,” whatever.

Now, here’s the problem with this. I don’t know that Trump is capable of doing it. Let me tell you a story. This is not a criticism. This is a teachable moment. There’s a young man by the name of Charlie Kirk. I’ve gotten to know him. He runs a youthful Millennial aged organization. What’s the name of the group, Snerdley? Turning Point USA.

Charlie Kirk is one of these young conservatives that is attempting to marshal conservative action, thought, instructing it, really trying to create as much conservatism in the Millennial generation as he can. He was honored at the White House by Trump not long ago. They did a little ceremony honoring the effort to spread conservatism and Charlie’s organization of Millennials.

And as part of the day, Charlie got to do a sit-down interview with Trump at the White House in front of an audience. I think it was televised. It was not widely broadcast. But the point is this. One of Charlie’s questions, “Mr. Trump, what can you do to help us with all of the bias against you on college campus? What can you do to help us with all of the anti-Trump, anti-freedom of speech that we are running into on college campus?”

And Trump said, “I think that’s overblown. We’re very popular on campus. I think all this anti-Trump stuff on campus is way, way exaggerated.” And the meaning is Trump just can’t accept that he’s unpopular. In his world everybody likes him and it’s only outliers who don’t. So for Trump to do what you want him to do would require Trump to accept the idea that there’s so many people lined up against him in all of America, and that doesn’t fit with his own self-image of being loved and adored by most people.

CALLER: I think this raid — I’ve had dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago — and I think this raid is gonna be the turning point in his presidency. I think he now understands that he needs to bring more than just his opinions out there —

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. You’re sneaking something in on us here now. You had dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. So that means you’re a member at Mar-a-Lago and you know the Trumpster.

CALLER: No, no, no. It was 15 years ago.

RUSH: Oh. Oh.

CALLER: It was a long time.

RUSH: So you’re just name dropping here to give the idea —

CALLER: No, no, no, but I could tell you a story giving the same type of effect that you just gave. That is his persona, you’re a hundred percent correct, but he needs someone, a communication person around him now to understand that he needs to make this about us and not about him. ‘Cause it’s an attack on us. It’s not an attack on Donald Trump. It could be Rush Limbaugh standing there. It’s not an attack on him. When they attack you, they attack me and they attack us.

RUSH: Agreed. You’re absolutely right about that. There’s a no question and I do play it that way because I think Trump knows this too. He undoubtedly knows it just from all the rallies. And I think that he’s very inclined to think an attack on him is an attack on all of his supporters. I think he even thinks that. I hope you’re right.

I would have thought it wouldn’t have taken this raid to alert Trump to just what he’s up against. But if the raid is the tipping point for him, fine. Whatever. Anyway, look, I’m way long here in this segment, but I appreciate the call out there, Frank. So we have a guy that had dinner with Trump 15 years ago and he didn’t tell us that until toward the end of the call. You gotta snake these things out of people, folks.


RUSH: We just had old Frank on the phone here from New Jersey. His point is that Trump needs to get out there and say all of these assaults on him are actually assaults on us, on Americans, on people that voted for Trump. He needs to do this to keep his people unified and behind him and to let people know that he knows that all of this is actually an assault on over half of the American people and their culture, okay?

While that call was happening, my buddy Jeffrey Lord happened to be listening to the program. And I got an email during the call with old Frank from Jeffrey. And here it is. “So I’m listening now to your caller Frank who says what’s really going on is an attack by the swamp on everybody who voted for Trump. And as I’m listening, I get a text alert from the official website of Donald J. Trump for president signed by Trump, and the very first line of this text alert from Trump is, ‘Let me be clear: The target is you.'”

So while Frank is on the air here suggesting that Trump do this, Trump is sending out a message to all of his supporters saying exactly that. “Let me be clear, their target is you.” Exactly what Frank wanted. And then it delves into a fundraising pitch expanding on that theme that the swamp doesn’t want you to take our country back, and they’ll fight to the end to stop you.

So Frank had dinner with Trump, Frank’s in New Jersey, could be Trump’s golf course is up there. We could have somebody on Trump’s staff here calling in as just an average, run-of-the-mill Joe. I’m only kidding. I find it fascinating, however.

This is Veron in Columbus, Ohio. Veron, hi. Glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for having me on.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: The reason I’m calling in is the raid on Cohen’s apartment and so forth and so forth is the money. Always follow the money on everything. They’re trying to get into Trump’s taxes and they’re trying to follow this $130,000 which is real, they feel, and they want to know where Cohen admitted that, that he paid $130,000, Trump said he didn’t, but they’re hoping that that will lead to Trump taxes so they can get into it ’cause the Democrats have been wanting to get into it since he was elected.

RUSH: You’re right. You’re absolutely right. But tell me this: Why, why are they so desirous of seeing Trump’s tax returns?

CALLER: Because, if they could get a conviction in tax evasion or anything else unscrupulous over a federal crime and so forth, what would that do to Trump at this moment?

RUSH: Well, that’s of course true, but there is another reason they want to see Trump’s tax returns. They are convinced that Trump has done deals with the Russians. And they are convinced that the evidence will be in Trump’s tax returns. Also, many, many years ago, Trump took a deduction, a one-time deduction of $900 million. And it was allowed. And they think nobody does that. That’s not legal. But she’s right. They do want these tax returns for a whole host of reasons. And they think that Cohen might have them. We’ll see.

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