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RUSH: Folks, there is a story out there. Well, there’s a bunch of stories. This happened just before the program began. I am gonna read you the headline and some excerpts, and I want you to know — don’t doubt me. Trust me. There is not a single source cited in this story. There is no evidence. There’s not a source. There’s not a leak.

It’s a story from the Associated Press. Headline: “‘Tired of Being Told No,’ Trump Freezes Out Chief of Staff.” That would be General Kelly. “When President Donald Trump made a congratulatory phone call to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, White House chief of staff John Kelly wasn’t on the line.

“When Trump tapped John Bolton to be his next national security adviser, Kelly wasn’t in the room. And when Trump spent a Mar-a-Lago weekend stewing over immigration and trade, Kelly wasn’t in sight. Kelly, once empowered to bring order to a turbulent West Wing, has receded from view, his clout diminished, his word less trusted by staff and his guidance less tolerated by an increasingly go-it-alone president.”

There’s not even a reference to a leak in that paragraph. There’s no evidence. There’s not a reference to a single source.

“Emboldened in his job, Trump has rebelled against Kelly’s restrictions and mused about doing away with the chief of staff post entirely. It’s all leading White House staffers and Trump allies to believe that Kelly is working on borrowed time. In recent weeks, Trump has governed at breakneck pace, ousting aides and issuing surprise policy announcements on Twitter, recreating the helter-skelter feel of his first months in office.”

The helter-skelter hasn’t ended because of you people in the Drive-Bys. It’s always been helter-skelter. I don’t think the Drive-Bys have ever reported a time where things have been calm and normal in the Trump White House. It’s interesting. Listen to this last paragraph. It’s not really the last paragraph. It’s the last one I did after editing this piece down.

“In Trump’s West Wing, once the rumors begin that an aide’s exit is forthcoming, the ‘stink’ on that staffer never leaves, according to one of the nearly dozen White House aides, former administration officials and outside advisers who spoke to The Associated Press under the same conditions.”

So maybe this is what they’re doing. Maybe this is why the Drive-Bys are constantly writing stories about Trump aides on their way out, because they’re really not. But when Trump hears that they’re on their way out, that puts a stink on them and Trump doesn’t want them around him anymore. But there’s not a single source for this.

In other words, Trump is no longer talking to his chief of staff. Trump has sent him packing, done everything but fire him. Trump’s firing on his own. Trump’s running around, he’s got every bit of ammo he wants, he’s doing the firing on his own, pulling the trigger on his own, not consulting anybody. Not one shred of evidence. By the way, that wouldn’t bother me. I’ve often thought if I was president I’d need half the advisors the normal president has. Why do you need an adviser to tell you what you already think and know?

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