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RUSH: Say, folks, there’s trouble in paradise among some Jacksonville, Florida, power players.

Player A: John Parker, state committeeman for the Duval County Democrats. Player B is his wife Lisa King, who is chairman. The scene is a Democrat dinner in January, when Mr. Parker said that “colored people” moving into Jacksonville have caused problems.

No surprise, people at the dinner complained about it.

But their complaints were ignored until this week when the story got picked up by the national Drive-By Media. And within hours, Chairman Lisa King threw her husband under the bus.

She said that right after John’s dinner speech, she told him his “choice of words” offended people. She said that her husband’s statement to the press trying to defend himself was not nearly good enough.

She said, “While I know John does not have malice in his heart, and has learned from this experience, he has lost the confidence of many of us to continue to serve in his leadership positions. Though it is painful and awkward to air this conflict publicly, I have told John from the beginning that the most appropriate” thing he could do is quit.

And he did.

So, who are these Democrats? Well, one is a racist; the other puts her political power over her husband’s career.

Hillary Clinton could have learned a valuable lesson if she had just followed this same procedure. And now what is she doing?

Whining and moaning that nobody treats her fairly!

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