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RUSH: The great myth of many is that the left cares about people, that the compassion in American politics is almost exclusively found in the Democrat Party.

It’s the exact opposite. Look at the people that vote for ’em. They’re all angry. They’re all miserable. They all feel left out in one way. They all need therapy. They’re all constantly enraged. And you know why? Because nothing the Democrat Party ever promises ’em happens. Their lives do not get better. They’ve allowed themselves to become victims, thereby waiting for everybody else to do something for them because they’ve been convinced they can’t do anything on their own because they’re a victim, the deck’s stacked against them.

So they’re waiting for the Democrat Party, they’re waiting for the Democrats and the American left to make things better. How do they define that? Making things better is punishing their enemies, not really making things better for them. I defy anybody, other than the wealthy Hollywood tech sector and the Wall Street sector, go out and find your average radical leftist Democrat voter, and you will not find a happy person. And you will not find a person satisfied with what the Democrat Party has done to improve life for those people.

I think they’ve even given up on that. Their definition of satisfaction or happiness now is how much pain can be inflicted on their Republican, conservative enemies. And if they see enough of it, they’re happy. Their lives do not improve, their attitudes don’t change, their moods do not change, but they are made somewhat satisfied if they see their political enemies suffering or in pain or angry or losing elections or what have you.

But to me it is striking how many people vote for Democrats on the premise of Democrats are gonna make their lives better. Look at the eight years of Obama and African-American unemployment. Look at one year of Trump and look at African-American unemployment. African-American unemployment skyrocketed under Obama, the first African-American president. One year of Donald Trump and African-American unemployment is at a record low.

You look at any other economic measure, eight years of Obama, misery, with no end in sight, and Obama even said so. The new decline. The new normal. One year of Trump, all that’s erased. And what’s happening? The left is mad because eight years of Obama are being erased. Obama and Hillary are mad that Obama’s agenda is being erased and unraveled.

In one year Trump has turned all this around for the benefit of any American who wants to participate. The left remains angry, left out, miserable, ticked off, enraged every day, refusing to participate in anything that would make their life better because they can’t, in their own mind. Gotta wait for the Democrats to do it or wait for government to do it.

So you would think that people investing in their government or a political party to make their lives the most they can be, those people are never going to be happy. And they aren’t now. And the Democrats don’t do one thing to change that. The Democrats just want more of those kinds of people, more angry, more disaffected, more bitter, more poor people to continue in the gigantic, misguided mission of electing Democrats. It’s amazing what they get away with, right in front of our faces.

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