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RUSH: So we just had Easter. Easter is a huge family get-together for the dwindling white privilege population in America. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but throw that in. Well, I’m sorry, but when I saw the NPR guy writing about what Easter is, I still can’t get over that. Here’s somebody, an educated journalist, essentially writing that Easter is when Christians believe Jesus didn’t die or anything and instead went to heaven.

I said, “What?”

If you are not a Christian, don’t believe in it, this is a country that was founded and expanded and grew, foundations of Western civilization, Judeo-Christian ethic, even if you don’t agree with it as a form of scholarship, as a journalist you should at least know — I mean, we’re constantly being told that we should take the time to understand Islamic rage, for example, or feminist rage or what have you.

I was just stunned by it. And so now with all of this white privilege that’s being bandied about and talked about, well, Christian religious holidays I’m sure are considered by left-wing radicals to be white privilege.

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