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RUSH: Time to hit the audio sound bites for a few minutes here. And we start here with Brian Lehrer of the NPR network, National Public Radio, was yesterday’s — I don’t know what time of day he’s on; doesn’t matter. He was speaking with Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post, talking about my impact on President Trump. In other words, these people think that I hold on to and pull the strings of power. Here is his question.

LEHRER: He was ripped on Breitbart, he was ripped by Rush Limbaugh and elsewhere for signing the big federal budget deal last month that gives Trump the big increase in military spending that he wanted, but in exchange allowed Democrats to increase spending on many domestic programs that are anathema to that base and did not do some of the ideological things that he wanted the budget to do like defund Planned Parenthood. So how much do you think that right-wing criticism of the budget inspired him to the current rash of populist activity on various fronts?

RUSH: Okay. So the translation is Trump signs the budget deal and Limbaugh comes along and rips it. And you know the line I used that they all quote? I mean, this sound bite showed up in every cable news show, was when I said I felt like Trump was going back up the escalator. They used that. So after that these guys think that Trump has made a beeline back to his populist agenda and is once again energetic and throwing down on illegal immigration and so forth. And Lehrer was asking Karen Tumulty here if Trump is doing this in response, essentially, to criticism from me.

TUMULTY: Well, certainly what we hear is that he is doing a lot of complaining in private about what he ended up having to sign in that bill. And don’t forget he had this odd maneuver where on Twitter, the morning he was supposed to sign it, he threatened to veto it and then did a quick sort of pirouette and came back and did sign it. But he has promised he will never again sign another piece of legislation like this. I think he is feeling betrayed by his own party, the Republicans who run Congress.

RUSH: Okay. Now, if she thinks that — see, I know how this all works, now. So she’s a Drive-By Media reporter. And she hangs around with other Drive-Bys, and all they do is talk to each other, and all they do is talk to each other about this stuff all day. They talk about it when they’re having sex. They talk about it when they’re having coffee. This is all they talk about. If she is out there saying that Trump feels betrayed by his own party, the Republicans who run Congress, then everybody’s thinking that up there. And I imagine some of you do too.

When you go over to the Senate, especially, where we have a thin majority, and the House, where the majority’s a little bigger, and it still seems like the Trump agenda, outside of tax cuts and a couple of other things, gets stalled. So, anyway, that’s their scuttlebutt.

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