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RUSH: Never-Trumpers are not going to be happy with the results of a new poll conducted in New Hampshire by the American Research Group.

In a “theoretical” 2020 primary match-up, President Trump leads two potential Republican challengers: John Kasich of and outgoing Arizona senator Flake, Jeff.” Now, to connect… (Well, I think he’s a flake so I put his last name first.)

Now, to connect with New Hampshire voters as early as possible, Kasich and Flake recently spoke at a “Politics-and-Eggs” event. It didn’t seem to move the needle, folks. In a three-way primary, Trump walks away with 51%. Kasich — whose father was a mailman, by the way (he’ll tell you every time you see him) attracts 34%. Flake — who is a flake and has been showered with Drive-By-Media praise for his anti-Trump speeches – gets a measly 4% (which is not bad for a flake).

Now, you might think Kasich’s 34% isn’t so bad until you measure it against an earlier poll by the same people. Last August, John Kasich led President Trump in a 2020 New Hampshire primary match-up by 12 points.

Now, since he won the Republican nomination, there hasn’t been one day that Donald Trump hasn’t been battered by the Drive-By Media, Hollywood, academia, and the political establishment of both parties. He’s had to put up with everything the deep state has thrown at him.

Yet his overall approval rating is on the upswing — and in this poll, he crushes the Never-Trump opposition.

Apparently, performance does matter. And Trump is winning support the old-fashioned way: He’s earning it.

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