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RUSH: Here’s David in Charlotte, North Carolina. You’re next, great to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I have a 9-year-old son, and my wife and I have him in a private school because we don’t want to indoctrinate him into the failing public schools system and what not. So we sacrificed to do that. Now this week we had the conversation in Cub Scouts. He’s in the Boy Scouts of America, and they’re considering bringing girls into the Boy Scouts of America system. My initial reaction was, “That’s some left-wing activism trying to get at our children at another direction.” And I’m hoping that I’m wrong and that it’s actually, “We have siblings. Let them come play, too.” But what is your feeling on that?

RUSH: (sigh) When I first heard this, what I think has happened — and I don’t know the specifics, and I don’t know the people involved here. So you have to allow that I could be dead wrong about this. But I think, in a general sense, what’s happening is that the left is using the power of the media to pressure and bully a bunch of heretofore traditional American or conservative organizations — and I think it’s working.

When I saw that the Boy Scouts are going to admit girls, remember what came first, the Boy Scouts — this is the Cub Scouts, but the Boy Scouts had to admit gays. And the Boy Scouts had to separate their associations with churches because all this was discriminatory, and it was racist, and it was anti-gay, and they just buckled. Either that or the leadership of these groups have been taken over by leftists, which is also a possibility. The Cub Scouts being forced to admit girls — was it Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts or both?

CALLER: I believe it’s definitely going to be in the Cub Scouts. And I think it’s going to be both, from the research I’m doing.

RUSH: When I saw that, to me it just wreaked of somebody buckling to pressure that the Cub Scouts is a discriminatory organization because it only allows boys. The left succeeds with a lot of their mission this way by bullying people. People don’t want to be thought of as sexists, and they don’t want to be thought of as racists, and they don’t want to be thought of as bigots.

So they go out of their way to prove that they’re not: “Hey, look at me, hey, look at us, we’re going to let girls join the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts now.” Now the reaction, “What about the Girl Scouts? What are they supposed to do now? Are they going to admit boys?” That will be a fat chance. Not until Harvey Weinstein is a troop leader will that happen.

CALLER: Exactly. Trouble.

RUSH: (laughing) I wonder if I’ll be condemned for that comment. (Chuckling) Well, is your son nervous about this?

CALLER: He didn’t know what to think about it. One of the other parents who has a daughter asked the kids when the leader had stepped out. He didn’t know what to think. Another boy in the troop said that he didn’t want girls there. But as a parent, I’m the one that’s concerned, because we don’t have them in the public school because we don’t want that indoctrination and this is another avenue that they can use —

RUSH: I understand your sensitivity to that, because on the surface it appears like that may be a factor. I was a Cub Scout once, I forgot the age — was it 7, 8, 9 years old?

CALLER: Yeah, he’s 9 now and he’s in the last stage of Cub Scouts.

RUSH: I’m not trying to pry here. But your son, who is 9, is a Cub Scout, does he like being around girls or is he at that stage, “I don’t want the girls here, I don’t want the girls here”?

CALLER: No, he plays with girls in his class. He doesn’t have a problem with it yet.

RUSH: Some boys at that age don’t want anything to do with the girls. They haven’t yet matured and seen the light. It’s just, ick, girls? No, I don’t want Barbie dolls hanging around me.

CALLER: My son is well balanced. He reads two levels above his grade. He’s a pretty sharp cat.

RUSH: I wish I could offer you more definitive on this, but I frankly haven’t seen anything more on it than what the original story was, which I don’t even remember if it’s Cub or Boy Scouts. But I think you’re right, it’s Cub Scouts admitting girls. I have to chalk it up to somebody buckling under pressure. Although I didn’t know that there was any pressure being exerted on the Cub Scouts to admit girls. Maybe that happened below the radar. I don’t know. But to me it’s unnecessary. It’s unnecessary and the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts are not discriminatory.

See, that’s the claim, “Well if you have a club of nothing but boys what are you saying to our young girls? You’re saying you’re not good enough. You’re saying we don’t want you. You’re saying you’re unwanted. We can’t want that.” And some people buckle to that kind of pressure. If I may extrapolate, that’s another reason why Trump is never going to be abandoned. He does not buckle to this kind of stuff. And Kelly didn’t either.

You don’t see Republicans standing up to these people. You tell me another Republican that would stand up and call that whacko congresswoman an open barrel and send her to the Urban Dictionary looking for the definition. Didn’t even know what it was. She had never heard the term. The usual occurrence is that somebody on the left acts outraged and the Republicans immediately, “No, no, no, we’re sorry. No, we didn’t mean it.” And these people in the Trump regime, they’re just standing right up to it. They’re not buckling to any of it or not much that we know of.

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