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RUSH: David in Orange County, California, back to the phones, Open Line Friday. Great to have you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, it’s an honor, Rush. Can you hear me okay?

RUSH: I hear you fine. Thank you very much for asking.

CALLER: Okay. This is about why you shouldn’t do TV.

RUSH: Should not do TV?

CALLER: Yeah. There’s an old show business saying: Always leave ’em wanting more.

RUSH: I am very, very much aware of that. It is one of the many reasons I don’t do TV very often at all.

CALLER: And another one is all work and no play.

RUSH: That has not been a problem for me in about 25 years.

CALLER: Okay. Now, are you working Thanksgiving Day?


CALLER: Okay, maybe Fox will give you some time on that day since no one else will be watching football.

RUSH: (laughing) You just said don’t do TV. Now you’re telling me to do TV on a day nobody’s gonna be watching.

CALLER: Just that day. Just that day so some of us will have something else to watch other than football.

RUSH: Oh, I see, it’s a selfish motivation you have?

CALLER: Yes. Always selfish.

RUSH: Right. Okay. You want me to go in on Thanksgiving Day and do a live show so you’ll have something to watch besides whatever else is on since everything is reruns.

CALLER: Yeah, maybe read one of those books.

RUSH: I get that. That’s not a bad idea. He’s talking about one of the Revere children’s books. I have a feeling that Thanksgiving Day this year is not gonna be filled with reruns. Nothing is gonna be reruns with Trump in the White House. Thanksgiving Day, wherever Trump is — he’ll be here. More than likely he’ll be at Mar-a-Lago. You know, the media was hoping Mar-a-Lago got destroyed in the hurricane. Do you know that? They actually ran stories that Mar-a-Lago was not damaged. You could read a tinge of sadness in the stories.

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