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RUSH: In April, DiFi did San Fran and all hell broke out.

Dianne Feinstein, the well-seasoned elder Senator from California, held a town hall in her hometown of San Francisco. Feinstein told the assembled crowd she was not on board with single payer, the complete government takeover of healthcare, either in Washington or California.

That was like waving a red flag at a bull. The lefty mob erupted. They booed. They chanted, “Single payer now!” They called DiFi a sellout. Not the kind of reception the elder Senator is used to from the home crowd.

Then on Sunday, Dianne Feinstein, Democrat, told CNN that Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, should be investigated. DiFI said: “We need to know more” about James Comey’s accusation under oath that Lynch pressured him to give Hillary’s campaign FBI cover.

DiFi did say the Lynch investigation should not be part of the Russia investigation. But that won’t be enough to save her from what she’s about to face.

Democrats don’t turn on Democrats. That’s the rule. No matter how horrible the allegations, no matter how clear the facts, how corrupt the official, Democrats circle the wagons. And they certainly don’t call for Democrats to be investigated.

Dianne Feinstein had a memory lapse: She forgot to follow the Democrat scandal handbook. And back home the crazed, unhinged Democrat base is very unforgiving, and she is about to find out. And her house on Pacific Heights is not going to save her.

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