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RUSH: This is Matt, Lincoln, Nebraska. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Thanks, Rush. You know, I believe right now that the CNN and Fake Media, are preparing all the fake news ready for 2020 to start bringing on the fake people to say that they were a Trump supporter but now they can’t support Trump anymore because of all the scandals, and they don’t want four more years of scandals.

RUSH: I wouldn’t be surprised that they do that, both in print and in broadcast. They’re famous for finding… Even if they had to make up just one or two, they would do it. I mean, if they’ll monkey around with polling data, why not with testimonials? That reminds me. Grab audio sound bites number six and number seven. Gary Tuchman of CNN — a very brave and courageous CNN intrepid reporter — decided to venture out into Trump country. He was on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 230 last night, and Tuchman spoke with a focus group of Trump voters in Fairfield, Ohio, about Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. And this is how Tuchman started the Q&A with the voters.

TUCHMAN: Raise your hand if you believe James Comey lied?

OHIO VOTERS: (four raise hands)

TUCHMAN: Four of you believe he lied. Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump has lied at all about the situation?

OHIO VOTERS: (no hands)

TUCHMAN: None of you believe that?

RUSH: Gary Tuchman, he can’t believe it! He’s from the New York-Washington axis, New York-Washington corridor. He’s from CNN. The only liar here is Trump. Comey is the Second Coming right now. Comey is an angel. Comey is the savior. Comey is the individual of mass integrity that’s gonna destroy this pig, Donald Trump. So Tuchman goes out there and says, “How many of you believe James Comey lied?” All four hands go up. “How many of you believe Donald Trump has lied about this?” No hands go up. So after that, Tuchman was astounded. He was shocked when he found out these people thought it was a good day for Trump.

TUCHMAN: Let me ask you this before we go. I think I may know the answer to this. But a show of hands: How many of you feel better about Donald Trump, your president, after this hearing?

OHIO VOTERS: (all raise hands)

TUCHMAN: How many of you feel worse about Donald Trump? I guess you all raised your hands the first time. Do you think that was a success for Donald Trump and not for Comey?

OHIO VOTERS: (expressing agreement)

TUCHMAN: Nine Ohio voters on a historical day here.

RUSH: Nine Ohio voters. Now, they could have easily gone out and they could have found nine people claiming they were Trump voters who thought it was embarrassing and bad and they regret voting for Trump. But it’s not what happened. They went out there and they found nine people, and every one of them thought it was a great day for Trump but not for Comey. Nine Ohio voters on an historic day. I will guarantee you… CNN’s probably not surprised. I mean, they’ve gotta know that at least nine people like Trump.

And they’re probably in the control room laughing at ’em and making fun of the way they look and making fun of the way they talk, and they’re probably (the CNN people) patting themselves on the back for making Trump voters look like fools and turning it around into a positive for them. That’s how they would look at it. Don’t think that they have any real respect for you Trump voters. You’re the biggest bunch of hayseed doofuses that have ever come down the pike, and they’re gonna convince you. If it takes ’til 2020, they’re gonna embarrass you and make sure you realize you did wrong.

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