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RUSH: I’ll tell you what’s happening. They’re getting more and more panicked as they are slowly coming to realize what happened to them last November. They have been in a constant state of denial, and the awareness of just how deep the defeat was and how widespread I think is causing panic throughout much of the left, and I will have examples of that.

The fallout from this Hillary book, this is just stunning. And now people are starting to get mad at the two authors for exactly what I said yesterday. Where were you during the campaign? If you knew it was this bad, why didn’t you say something? “Well, we had to save it for our book so we could earn some money.” Yeah, but what about the country? What about saving the country? You knew the Hillary campaign was in the dumpster. You knew it was in the toilet and you didn’t report it. “That’s because we had inside access, and we had to protect our sources.”

In fact, you know what the controversy is today? Apparently Hillary’s speech announcing her candidacy, when she gave it and the immediate reporting, it was glowing, it was upbeat, one of the best speeches ever, what a way to ignite and kick off the campaign. This is Hillary Clinton at her best. And yet, the same guy who said that, in the book writes about how bad it was and how horrible it was and how uninspiring it was.

And so leftists remember this guy and everybody else in the media heralding Hillary’s announcement speech, and they read this book, and they find out that everybody thought it was excrement. And they’re starting to realize that there were all kinds of people who knew how really bad this campaign was and in what bad shape it was, but nobody said anything. And one of the reasons for that is the fear of the Clintons.


RUSH: Barack Hussein Obama is returning to the public square. The Politico is breathlessly reporting. “Former President Barack Hussein O will make his first public appearance on Monday, hosting an event on civic engagement at the University of Chicago.” It says here that it will not be an explicitly political event. Yes, it will. Particularly if it’s about civic engagement. I think this may be my prediction prior to the election coming true. We’ll have to wait ’til Monday to find out.

And we’ll be back and roll on right after this too.


RUSH: I was thinking last night as I’m learning more and more about this Hillary Clinton book — folks, it is astounding here what is in this book. And what’s really astounding is what was known by these two reporters and unreported. These reporters knew that this campaign was a disaster. These two reporters knew that Hillary was an absolute bust and a dryball of a candidate.

These reporters knew that the Hillary campaign was at war with itself, that there wasn’t any unity, that there was panic from the beginning because nobody but nobody could tell anybody else why Hillary was running, and Hillary couldn’t, either. Hillary could not articulate why she wanted to be president, other than first woman to hold the office, maybe continue, but she did not have a reason for running. And the reason she didn’t is because she didn’t.

She was running because she was owed it. She was running because it was finally her turn. And they had shafted her on this in 2008, so they rigged the primary this year to get rid of Crazy Bernie and to make sure he didn’t win the nomination no matter how popular he was. She didn’t have a reason. These two reporters are embedded in the campaign, and they have signed NDAs, they promised they won’t reveal sources. They didn’t care to. They withheld all of this news ’til after the campaign for the book so they could profit from it.

But what Democrats are learning now is how the media misreported everything from how well she was doing in the polls to how great this campaign was, to how unified it was. They’re figuring out that they were lied to. Democrats were lied to multiple times a day by the media which was hyping and exaggerating. And look at what’s happened as a result of this. Has a brand ever been pounded harder and deeper into the ground than Clinton Inc.?

And I think this is so important, it’s worth pointing out, because it wasn’t that long ago that everybody in Washington politics was scared to death of these two people, scared to death of them all the way back to the ’92 campaign and the Bill Clinton presidency, and scared to death of the Clintons when Hillary was running for president last year. They were thought to be omnipotent. They were thought to be prolific fundraisers. They had that foundation. They were taking donations, selling access to the office even before she was elected.

People thought Hillary Clinton was the Second Coming, second only to Obama. And now look, look at how that brand has just been pounded. Democrats have been informed that Hillary Clinton ran her second campaign even worse than her first one, which was a brain-dead effort. They have been informed because of this book that Hillary Clinton investigated her own staff by reading their emails, after her 2008 campaign crash.

Democrats have been informed because of this book and other things that Hillary Clinton could not articulate a reason to be president in 2016. She literally couldn’t. The last time something like this was so profound was when Teddy Kennedy was running for the Democrat nomination in 1980 against Jimmy Carter. It was so bad, Carter’s presidency was so bad, the Democrats had to do something. They ran Ted Kennedy, and Roger Mudd, CBS News, did a sit-down interview with Kennedy and asked him, “Why do you want to be president?” And it was one incoherence after one incoherence. He could not articulate a reason. Could not. And she couldn’t.

Even her campaign ads were all about Trump not being qualified, Trump being unfit. Democrats have now been informed that Hillary Clinton is engaged in a witch hunt to find the leakers to the authors of this devastating book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. The Democrats have learned that the Clinton Foundation is in deep, deep financial trouble, is about to shut down, and that Hillary wants nothing to do with it.

The Democrats are being told that the next great Clinton conquest will come from Chelsea Clinton, and they’re laughing privately about that. Hillary’s loss was so bad that do you know who the most popular Democrat in the country is right now? Bernie Sanders. And he’s not even a Democrat. He’s an independent. How old is he, 84? How old is Bernie Sanders? Is he in his 70’s still? Well, okay. I thought he had crossed the threshold of 80. It doesn’t matter. At the moment, there’s nobody the Democrats can turn to. Seventy-five. He looks 80.

Hillary’s loss was so bad, the Democrat Party national committee has put — well, I think that’s enough. United and Pepsi think they’ve got brand problems. I’m telling you, the Democrats have a much greater branding problem right now than even United Airlines. Because at least United is still flying. And Pepsi is still pouring.

And here’s another aspect of the book. One of the authors is Jonathan Allen. And what they found out, you know, Hillary had her introductory speech announcing her campaign, announcing her quest for the White House, announcing she’s gonna break the glass ceiling, announcing she was going to do all these wonderful, great things. She gives the speech and the Drive-Bys just have orgasms over it. “Oh, it’s such a great speech. Oh, it was the most wonderful speech we’ve ever heard,” and that’s how they reported it. And even Jonathan Allen, one of the authors of the Shattered book, wrote a glowing review of Hillary’s announcement speech.

He wrote that on Vox back on June 13th. He talked about how Hillary had nailed the vision thing, she would nailed it. She gave people reasons why she wanted to be president, what her vision for America was. In the book, the same guy writes of Hillary’s speech as though it were a disaster. And Democrats, who remember this guy’s glowing review. And everybody in the media had glowing praise for her speech, but in truth it was a loser, it was dull, it was downbeat, it was uninspiring.

A.B. Stoddard, you’ve seen her on Fox News and CNN. She was with The Hill. I don’t know who she is with now, but she’s got a column out at Real Clear Politics: “Dems, Tell Hillary to Go Back to the Woods.” Her column ends: “Democrats don’t owe Clinton anything and no longer need to fear the Clintons. They should keep her rehabilitation journey as far away from their own as possible. Lucky for her, President Trump no longer wants to lock her up, but it’s high time the Democrats lock her out.”

My real question: How many people in the media and the Democrat Party have felt that way about Hillary all during the campaign and just had to lie about it? How many people really thought she was a dud and a disaster even during the campaign? They still thought she was gonna win ’cause they thought no way can this troglodyte Trump win.

But I think the Democrats have secretly, some of them, harbored negativism and resentment and lack of being impressed for Hillary for a long time. I think they idolize Bill, but I think there’s been deep, dark resentment of Hillary Clinton, even in the Democrat Party, for a long time.

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